Facebook Tries to Do Damage Control Regarding Project Veritas Video

ByJose Nino

Leslie Brown, the woman who was featured in a Project Veritas  video on June 25, 2020, was fired according to a text message that Project Veritas CEO James O’Keefe received.

Brown was a senior HR executive who was fired hours after the video was released.

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Brown, the senior HR executive claimed she had been fired just hours after the video debuted. Brown also updated her connection with the Big Tech titan, by changing her employer on her LinkedIn page from Facebook to US Tech Solutions, a company that sub-contracts for Facebook.

Brown had an exchange with a journalist about the situation:

Journalist: I mean, they were able to fire him without having to worry about discrimination.

Brown: Due diligence, right. Because he’s a white man. Yeah, white man. No problem. You can’t do it that easily if there are other issues.

Journalist: Oh, it’s easier when they’re-          

Brown: White men.  

Journalist: Yeah, no protected class.

Brown: No one has the white man’s back anymore.

US Tech Solutions informed Project Veritas that only the client (Facebook) is able to make decisions to hire and fire people..

“Any contractor hiring/termination is confidential information and we cannot comment to a third party on it. We will be happy to respond to Leslie directly if she has any questions about her temp assignment with US Tech,” stated Manoj Agrawal, CEO of US Tech Solutions.

In the midst of all of this, a woman named Heather King participated on a Facebook promoted call with Congressional staff to talk about potential election meddling.

King made several remarks about the censorship of political posts by its content moderators, which Project Veritas insiders have long documented. She believes that these actions were not consistent with the company’s policies.

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