Freedom of Speech was launched in June 2020 and takes its name from the fact never before in human history has

freedom of speech come under such oppression. We stand in solidarity with the many voices that have been silenced

by the various Governments and private organisations World wide.

Our editors & admins are based in South Africa


We always welcome articles or outlines of projected articles. Our major focus is media criticism and analysis, but we will consider submissions on a wide range of subjects, geopolitical, historical and cultural.

If you have personal experience of media censorship, on CiF or in any context we would like to hear from you.

Please send articles in plain text (.txt or .rtf) for preference. Avoid .doc or .docx files if you possibly can. The simplest method is to paste your text into the body of your email rather than add an attachment.

In general any length will be considered up to 6,000 words. Though we will make exceptions if the content really requires to be longer. Please include hyperlinks to your online sources, and it’s helpful if you can send in suggested images where appropriate. Such images should ideally be no less than 1200px wide.

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