Senior committee of MPs publish explosive report on Covid-status certification

A Covid-status certification system would, by its very nature, be discriminatory.
The evidence of vaccine uptake is a clear indication that such a system would likely
disproportionately discriminate against people on the basis of race, religion and
socio-economic background, as well as on the basis of age due to the sequencing
of the vaccine rollout. While the Committee accepts that in emergency situations
the prospect of temporary infringement of rights may need to be weighed against
public health or other emergency considerations, these occasions should only ever
be when there is an overwhelming case of necessity and should, in all situations,
be proportionate to that necessity. In the case of Covid-status certificates, by the
Minister’s own admission, the case is “finely balanced”. The Committee finds that
there is no justification for engaging in what is likely to be a significant infringement
of individual rights by introducing a Covid-status certification system and given the
absence of convincing scientific case and the large the number of uncertainties that
remain, we recommend that the Government abandon the idea of using a Covid status certification system domestically

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