COVID-19: Fools rush in where angels fear to tread

By Dr. TCP 

I was moved to again write about the Covid construct having seen the predictable and mounting new concerns about ‘vaccines’ being realised, and having heard the perspective of another NHS whistleblower interviewed by James Delingpole. ‘Nina’ is a GP receptionist, gate-keeping the uncensored complaints in a practice of 20,000 patients before any even reach the GP. She occupies a commanding vantage point from which to survey the unfolding man-made disaster. I have no way of knowing of her authenticity, but it resonated very strongly with my experiences in General Practice since February 2020. The irony of NHS whistle-blowing protection is that it is worse than no protection. Hence, the anonymity adds to the authenticity, for me.

When one reads of the recent attacks on Dr. Kendrick, a veteran of countering the cholesterol myth, one will understand that medical pogroms against scientifically-valid counter-opinions exist in plain sight. The irony is there are TV doctors saying all manner of unethical and unprofessional, pro-government things who are not pursued by the GMC. Prescribing fearful, non-medical, no alternative, transactional, and secondary gain imperatives to coerce a population to accept experimental treatment; declaring that a rushed, experimental genetic therapy has led to ‘ZERO side effects’ a week after one has been injected; changing one’s tune according to government edict, or simply being irresponsibly and grossly wrong live on TV, all seem at first face unethical and unprofessional in my opinion. I have noted some of the more cerebral celebrity doctors maintain a studious silence on the topic.

Even the RCN and RCGP who have been on the side of the official Covid narrative have stood up against mandatory ‘vaccinations’ of their members. I suspect this is due to a view of a significant body of grassroots members which these colleges have struggled to ignore. These very GPs and nurses at the same time unhappily collude with the injection assembly line to some degree or another.

In my surgery there are new special ‘vaccination’ nurses funded temporarily for the practice. They dole out experimental, incompletely-tested, harmful intramuscular injections in the waiting room directly in view and earshot of other patients, the receptionists, visitors and staff passing by. All that separates them is a short, thin, and minimal two panel screen with a large gap at the hinge. I expect more at M&S when I try on a shirt. No crash trolley, no post-jab waiting period. What if there were an immediate anaphylactic reaction? Not only is it wrong, it is relentless.

I suppose it is the ideal place to capture, control and coerce passing patients into pseudo-vaccination. Who would dare say no, who would dare to challenge or question it in front of everyone. They would fear being summarily labelled a trouble-maker and losing access to any remaining, meaningful NHS healthcare in the ruination of the government’s unevidenced, unbalanced and disproportionate response to the coronavirus issue. What couldn’t go wrong with such an approach?

This public injection ritual is not even conducive to consent, never mind informed consent, nor basic safety. This is the new-acceptable standard of practice. Thousands of new doctors and nurses will never know any better. The mass hypnosis and hypernormalisation created by this pandemic of global role-play means it even took me some time to realise it was all thoroughly reprehensible.

Three similar playbooks?

Incentivising eugenics, and covert anti-fertility vaccines: a tangled web.

We have not yet been so overt in the UK to offer jabs for joints, fries and burgers; but basic rights to free movement, a job and independence in exchange for compliance is amounting to the same smiling bully. I recall Sanjay, son of Indian PM Indira Gandhi awarding villagers transistor radios in exchange for undergoing sterilisation in the mid 1970s. He combined a state of emergency, eugenics, sterilisation passports, and radio news propaganda in the same fell swoop. Sound familiar? India was and remains the elite’s testing ground.

Gates’ recent damaging and fatal escapades in India and globally are a reboot of those bioethical abuses. Levich has analysed in depth Gate’s profound and disruptive intervention into Pharma. India has long been a more unregulated and ungoverned medical Wild West than Europe. To see such unethical practice waived through in the West without so much of a pause for thought is the result of the kind of unbridled terror the government is consistently and repeatedly terrorising the UK psyche with.

The WHO established a Special Program of Research in human reproduction (HRP) in 1972 just three years prior to Sanjay Gandhi’s eugenics spree. The WHO/HRP convened in Geneva, 1992 to discuss fertility regulating vaccines. Amongst the research was that of Professor G P Talwar, of the National Institute of Immunology, New Delhi. When the WHO’s early 1990s Nicaraguan, Mexican, Philippine and Tanzanian tetanus vaccine campaigns were mired in eugenics controversy, its supporters hit back

Regarding that controversy, I was saddened to hear of the untimely death allegedly, coincidentally and conveniently from coronavirus, of Kenyan Dr. Stephen Karanja. This came only days after a shocking interview where he spoke of the ignored success of safe pharmaceutical alternatives to the coerced COVID-19 gene therapy. He also recounted the WHO’s efforts to create an infertility vaccine. It is worth watching his compelling testimony (at 41 to 48 minutes) where he explains his 2013 experience of potential covert tetanus vaccine laced with hCG given as an unusual, accelerated course to cause infertility. His paper implicates the Serum Institute of India (SII) in the manufacturing of those vaccine vials. In another article, ‘A shot at contraception’ (Nature Medicine, February 2018), Killugudi Jayaraman reported Talwar was renewing testing of a birth control vaccine with the aid of The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). Gates has recently ‘donated’ money to the Serum Institute of India for COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing. Gates recently conferred the ICMR “Lifetime Achievement Medal” on the owner of the Serum Institute of India. Talwar has worked for the WHO and ICMR. Truly tangled.

Fear, propaganda, and medicine: a toxic mix.

These proved corrosive to humanity before, both in Germany and the US. In the early 2000s the US Attorney General, in his infamous 2001 Bybee Memoconspired with George W. Bush and his endless and indeterminate ‘War on Terror’ ideology to redefine the meaning of torture so as to escape the rule of international law. Torture, in essence was distinguished from ill treatment by being anything that brought you past the threshold of organ failure. Just as superpowers unilaterally redefined torture, the supranational WHO similarly conspires to redefine ‘pandemic’, ‘vaccine adverse reactions’ and ‘herd immunity’.

This same ‘War on Terror’ US administration was also accused of ‘reverse-engineering’ interrogation and torture survival techniques in the pursuit of torturing detainees into ‘learned helplessness’ by concealing them under the euphemism of Enhanced Interrogation Techniques. This is reminiscent of the poor excuse for the US outsourcing and funding ‘gain of function’ studies to create deadly viral bioweapons at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. This official Sino-American collaboration was reverse-engineering a deadly chimaeric bat coronavirus virus purportedly to second-guess the potential for spillover into a future human pandemic. That any responsible state should fund this, and particularly within enemy superpower territory is extraordinary and remains unsatisfactorily addressed.

Bush Jr.’s US physicians, psychologists and nurses who assisted in his redefined torture by preventing detainees from dying during torture escaped concerted attempts to sanction them in the US. The American Medical Association (AMA) and American Psychological Association remained notably passive in their condemnation, and did not move to professionally discipline a single member impugned in such crimes. It is notable the AMA proactively called for the punishment of unethical doctors in 1949 when it testified at Nuremberg. Similarly, some now propose for the psychologists of ‘SAGE’ to be brought to book by their regulatory body following members of the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Behaviour (SPI-B) expressing regret for unethically terrorising a nation. Again, it is unlikely to succeed given the current extreme political climate.

This is the same split-loyalty conflict many medics face, today. It may only loom largely only in their suppressed subconsciousness. Patient or institution? Patient or State? The accepted medical culture becomes distorted by alternative motives and imperatives. Prior to Covid, aside from torture and ill-treatment in wartime, the most illustrative peacetime UK scenario that medical split-loyalty could occur in was prisons and in NHS and social care outsourced to commercial providers. Now it is preying daily on every sentient NHS doctor and nurses’ mind.

Nazi Germany’s Doctors.

What distinguishes Nazis and the global War on Covid from the US War on Terror’s transgressions is the added salt of population medicine. The moral and ethical rift between it and the hippocratic healing of the individual patient are not immediately obvious. The consequences are even more disturbing. Population medicine is cold, morally distant, callous and prejudicial. The individual is forsaken for the group. It is the perfect weapon for tyrants.

I can do no better to illustrate this by quoting an abstract from a medical paper entitled ‘Why did so many German doctors join the Nazi Party early?’

During the Weimar Republic in the mid-twentieth century, more than half of all German physicians became early joiners of the Nazi Party, surpassing the party enrollments of all other professions. From early on, the German Medical Society played the most instrumental role in the Nazi medical program, beginning with the marginalization of Jewish physicians, proceeding to coerced “experimentation,” “euthanization,” and sterilization, and culminating in genocide via the medicalization of mass murder of Jews and others caricatured and demonized by Nazi ideology.

Given the medical oath to “do no harm,” many postwar ethical analyses have strained to make sense of these seemingly paradoxical atrocities. Why did physicians act in such a manner? Yet few have tried to explain the self-selected Nazi enrollment of such an overwhelming proportion of the German Medical Society in the first place.

This article lends insight into this paradox by exploring some major vulnerabilities, motives, and rationalizations that may have predisposed German physicians to Nazi membership—professional vulnerabilities among physicians in general (valuing conformity and obedience to authority, valuing the prevention of contamination and fighting against mortality, …, economic factors and motives …

Of particular significance for future research and education is the manner in which the persecution of Jewish physician colleagues was rationalized in the name of medical ethics itself. Giving proper consideration to the forces that fueled “Nazi Medicine” is of great importance, as it can highlight the conditions and motivations that make physicians susceptible to misapplications of medicine, and guide us toward prevention of future abuse.”

It would seem our species never retains lessons. However, Germany’s judicial system is providing some illumination in a post-enlightenment Europe (even as one German judge’s home was raided by police and his anti-government decision overturned) with a recent new anti-lockdown decision.

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