This afternoon, Bubble.Wales got hold of a leaked letter from the outgoing Wales Director of the Confederation for Public Transport. It had been sent to their members yesterday after they held a ‘behind closed doors’ meeting with Welsh Government Officials on Friday Morning.


This letter explained that at that meeting, senior Welsh Government officers had disclosed:• there will be a Welsh “circuit breaker” lockdown

• it will begin at 18:00hrs on Friday 23 October and last until 00:01hrs on Monday 9 November

• lockdown restrictions from March will be reintroduced – no non-essential shops, hairdressers etc.

• pubs, cafes and restaurants will all be closed

• secondary schools may remain closed beyond the scheduled half term break but a decision hasn’t yet been made on primary schools

• public transport services will be slashed and the “essential travel only” message reinstated

Why does this matter?

Well, on Friday lunchtime, the First Minster got behind a lectern and in front of a camera yet again to tell the People of Wales that the Cabinet were still discussing the best way forward, that they would continue to do so over the weekend, and that a decision would be made on Monday.

All of this was a lie.

To put it another way, he did not tell the truth.

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