Dr Herman on his open letter to President Ramaphosa: COVID-19 PANDEMIC – HEALTH AND ECONOMIC CRISES


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Dr Herman Edeling is a neurosurgeon, medico-legal practitioner and mediator, who wrote an open letter to President Cyril Ramaphosa, titled “COVID-19 PANDEMIC – HEALTH AND ECONOMIC CRISES”. The letter requests the presidency and the Health Department to provide the public with daily updates of the number of people who have been hospitalised, and those who have died after receiving a Covid-19 vaccine. Dr Herman joined Nadya Swart to discuss the views expressed in the letter.


  1. What alot of shit. Come on guys stop been such drama queens. Millions and millions of people have been vacinated. We all still standing.
    What you guys are doing is allowing a virus to mutate and get stronger every wave because you are scared of dying with the vaccination. Start been scared of dying if we don’t get vacinated. That’s more like reality.


      1. Good day
        The vaccine is not working only pharmaceutical industry make money in USA the misliding and bullshit damage to all South citizen stop pushing people to vaccinate the shocking I embarrassing to all South Africa


    1. The reason it’s mutated is because of the vaccines. The virus needs hosts to carry it. When the mRNA is injected, it only spikes for the one stain targeted. Like water, when you block one section, it looks for another avenue. Sorry, Buddy – the vaccinated people are the cause of mutations and new strains. If you did property research – and didn’t follow fake propaganda – you’d know that.


    2. Have you lost anyone due to the vaccine?
      I have. Not enough research has been done. Other medications take years to develop, as do vaccines.
      Nobody is being a drama queen !


  2. Bjern Petzer – yet another graduate from the University of Google !!
    Go back to your normal job and let the qualified scientists do what they specialise in.
    Fake experts like you will result in this virus being around for much longer than necessary


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