Drosten: ” My goal is to get an infection after the vaccination ”

In order to protect themselves against the virus for as long as possible, people who have been vaccinated should now also become infected with the virus, according to virologist Christian Drosten.

A bizarre request from star virologist Christian Drosten is currently causing a stir. The German recommends that all people who have already been vaccinated against the coronavirus should intentionally become infected with the virus in order to build up as many antibodies as possible. Drosten gave this recommendation at the NRD-Info Podcast “Coronavirus-Update”.

“Contact measures are necessary”

Drosten also has doubts as to whether the vaccination alone is sufficient to cope with the pandemic. “We will definitely need contact restrictions in the fall,” Drosten continued. “Going calmly into autumn is a daring idea.” According to the current status, the vaccination protects against a severe course, but not 100 percent against infection. For Drosten, a vaccination plus a subsequent infection is the prime example of defeating the virus. The corona virus will also be encountered again and again. Due to the currently insufficient vaccination rate, the star virologist also recommends vaccinated people to adhere to the measures. This is the best way to protect the unvaccinated.


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