Telegram group for Vaccine Adverse Effects-South Africa

This is group has been created to share personal experiences about vaccine adverse effects. Please only share verified stories about vaccine adverse effects that you have or someone you know of first hand has experienced

Use this format to report

Copy , paste, fill in, forward back to
Vaccine Adverse Effect Report:

1) Gender: female
2) Age: 50
3) Area (home): Somerset East Eastern Cape
4) Institution where vaccination was
done: Andries Vosloo Hospital

5) Date vaccinated: 21 July 2021
6a) Type of vaccine: JOHNSON &Johnson
6b) First, 2nd, 3rd dose: only 1 shot
7) Other health conditions: cholesterol etc
8) Hospitalized?: na
9) Date of hospitalization: na
10) Date o death if applicable: na
11) Cause of death as per death certificate of known:
12) Adverse reactions: First week:
Severe body ache especially lower legs and hips (all joints)

Second week: menstrual bleeding and cramps although in menopause and no menstruation for past 2 years body ache exhausted

Third week: severe flue symptoms tight chest difficulty breathing sore throat dry cough headaches started anti biotics

Fourth week: again severe flue symptoms difficulty breathing sore chest/throat dry cough exhausted currently on second batch of anti biotics and predizone 9 days off work 4 Covid tests done all Negative but symptoms persistent

You also also report events to

The South African Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (SA VAERS) is an independent, public interest reporting system designated by the people for the people. SA VAERS is co-managed by the (THJ) Transformative Health Justice. SAVAERS accepts voluntary reports and analyses the adverse events (possible side effects) following vaccination. SA VAERS is not designed to detect if a vaccine caused an adverse event, but it can identify unusual or common patterns of reporting that might indicate possible safety concerns requiring a closer look.

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