A series of meetings are being held with legal, medical and related professionals. The purpose is
to discuss issues related to the trial rollout of ‘vaccines’, especially in South Africa. A decision was
taken that legal action will need to be launched. This will call for a halt to ‘vaccine’ rollout – for
independent investigation into state capture, including clear conflicts of interest during C19.

Some of the red flag issues (many also raised internationally)include,but are not limited to:

1) The flawed PCR test (high CT values creates false positives) is being withdrawn by the CDC,

2) Violations of the GMO Act, and little to no public participation before trial ‘vaccine’ rollouts,

3) Secret and draconian vaccine deals with pharmaceutical companies who demanded state
assets (including reserve banks, militaries and embassies) as collateral for exorbitant ‘vaccines’,

4) Informed consent violations in South Africa, particularly against the poor and uneducated,

5) Unconstitutional attempts to make ‘vaccines’ mandatory by labour departments, business,
employers (incl. domestic worker employers), landlords, medical aids. ILAH rejects vax passports,

6) Leaky ‘vaccines’ do not stop infection/transmission. They do not help with herd immunity.
Despite that, Covid-recovered people, with natural immunity, are still being given the ‘vaccine’,

7) Serious adverse events, including death, being reported to SAVAERS (,
on various social platforms (both locally and globally), and to SAHPRA, a regulatory authority,

8) The unwillingness of authorities and inability of the health system to treat ‘vaccine’ victims

9) Manufacturers have blanket immunity for harm through these ‘vaccines’. Instead, countries
are expected to pay victims for ‘vaccine’ harm. There is no evidence that compensation exists,

10) Prevention and treatment medicines such as Ivermectin are blocked, so ‘vaccines’ maintain
Emergency Use Authorisation. This allows manufacturers to shortcut safety and transparency,

11) Reduced (ARR) efficacy of the ‘vaccines’ sets up big business for booster shots. This will
lead to increasing debt from the IMF and the World Bank. Our country cannot afford the costs,

12) Information from an ex-Pfizer employee whistleblower that (while ‘vaccine’ ingredients are
kept secret from the public), these ‘vaccines’ contain graphene oxide, which is toxic to humans.
This was first investigated by Spanish researchers who examined contents of the ‘vaccine’ vials

People who support the legal challenge are welcome to email
For Truth, Health, Justice and Freedom
International Legal Alliance for Health – South Africa Chapter (ILAH SA)
Legal practitioners who want to become ILAH SA members
are encouraged to email
Medical professionals who support the court application are welcome to contact ILAH SA.
For an informed consent guide and legal notice documents, email

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