Vietnam implements a hard lock down

source: Pandata telegram

This email about the #Vietnam lockdown must be read. Sadly, it is not confined to Vietnam – PANDAs who live in other eastern countries have confirmed that similar is happening elsewhere too.

“We are shocked about the situation in Vietnam. Since 20 years we are living and working in VN and having our factory there . Vietnam did a very good job during the time, when the west was completely in a lock down mode. Now, since April 2021, they changed the style and implemented mass testings everywhere and anywhere. There is a isolation mania of contact person of positive tested and contacts of contacts, locking up of workers inside the factories , locking down alleys, closing food markets, closing food delivery service and now start the Wuhan food distribution style for “special areas”. The food shortage is already acknowledged. In the south milk, fresh vegetables are destroyed, because the food can not be delivered anymore to Saigon .
We are supporting our employees, who are locked up with food, because they have close to nothing. Now, also we are hindered to do so. We have photos, videos from factories, isolation camps and hospitals. It is the pure horror and we are speechless about the silence of all the MNC, the multiple organizations used to audit factories in term of social compliance, all the human right groups.
How is it possible, that these humiliation of people can happen under the eyes of the world?
Is it, because the west admires China and how fabulous they did?
I do not know, if you are collecting stories of what is happening or if you have channels to make people open their eyes and stop these type of completely overdrawn pandemic measure , causing so much pain to the normal citizen.
All the westerns experts, advising Vietnam on how to handle a pandemic the correct way, pushing Hanoi week by week further to harder, stricter measures.
I could not believe, that Washington experts requesting a communist government to be harder and stricter in their measures. But sadly, it is like that.”

This mail was followed up some days later with the following:
“Restrictions tightened again from yesterday for another 2 weeks. The pic [below] is one of he workers who must keep his door closed (only source of daylight) because he, his wife and 2 children are in isolation – have been for 2 weeks already and have just had another 2 weeks added to that.”

For more stories of the impact of lock downs and how they affect people, visit panda’s story page

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