Police In Germany Beat Demonstrators And Act Like The Braunhemden

Police In Germany Beat Demonstrators And Act Like The Braunhemden

Protesters or demonstrators, called “Querdenken” in Germany, which consist of all kinds of people, not only anti-C-VI deniers, attend a ceremony from the Catholic and Lutheran church during their protest against the German Government in Berlin on 1-8-2021.

The Right-Wing Antisemitism Myth

The Media, even, sometimes the Russian like RT, the Chinese or whatever, is denouncing the majority of the people who demonstrated and still demonstrate on a daily basis as C-VI deniers. The Western media calls them right-wing extremist, antisemites or just plain crazy ones. But this is for the majority of the protesters not the case, they are concerned with the limitation of freedom, the destruction of their constitutional rights, which happens all over the globe, as we slowly but surely slip in the boundaries of a most likely, with exemption of a few small countries, a worldwide totalitarian state. Not on a geopolitical scale, but on a technocratic health dictatorial level.

The majority of the people who protested yesterday in Berlin are against it and most of them are seeing the danger. One must remember that the majority of the German people who were protesting were in the age range from forty and above (of course there were a lot of younger ones as well). Many of them experienced the GDR and a lot of their ancestors fought for the NAZI regime or maybe were persecuted as being communist or opposition from some sort. They see it coming, the limitation of freedom and the worldwide medical experiment, of which they all know what a doctor like Josef Mengle has done back then. So, nowadays, if you want to make, especially the younger people, aware of the danger, you are labelled all kinds of things, but in the end, the majority of the protesters just want to make a statement about facism and the danger of a totalitarian state, which forces them to have a “green pass’’ and no control over their own body and most off all total loss of democracy and freedom, which is the most important issue in Europe!

Police Acting Like Braunhemden

Yesterday must have been very scary for a lot of Germans and other Europeans like me. The police, who for sure had the task to crush anybody who they labelled as “Querdenken”, were acting like the “Braunhemden”, a militia from the NAZI regime. They were streetfighters of the third “Reich” who severely beat up anybody who was against them, usually Communist and Jews, but also from other opposition political parties or people who where afraid of what was called back then the demolition of the constitution of the Weimar Republic. Like people now in Germany and for that matter the rest of the European Union. I recall the Dutch police who beat up many people last summer and their “Braunhemden” were called Romeos, undercover streetfighters beating up innocent people. It was frightening to see what happened, also the abuse of priests and pastors, who conducted a religious ceremony for the protesters yesterday in Berlin. Like back then in 1989, at the end of the GDR, police were surrounding them and for sure a few priests and pastors were beaten up and arrested. They are labelled as dangerous opposition, history is repeating itself, in a modern “outfit”!

Last year Berlin got a visit from Robert.F. Kennedy Jr., a person non grata and as Wikipedia, a not so independent organization, says:

He is an anti-vaccine activist and conspiracy theorist

So, for the so-called established politicians, he is against the totalitarian state and an activist against the influence of Big Pharma. He was the second Kennedy in Berlin, but this time the elite ignored him, he is so to speak a “pain in the ass”. On 1 August, 2020, a crowd of more than two million people came to Berlin, from various EU countries to hear him speak, but no regular media paid any attention, in a positive way, or even got the facts right. We could see, back then, the establishment of a totalitarian state based on a “pandemic” of fear, denouncing everybody with a different opinion.

Some six hundred arrests were made by the so-called German People yesterday. Also there were streetfights and beating up of people. Established politicians solemnly blamed the people, not the police of course. Imagine that, they called them a “threat for public helath and crazy ones”. The weekend before that, there was a huge demonstration, called Christopher Street Day, a LGBT parade, government-controlled, with more than 30.000 people. The media said it was very good and orderly, even if a lot of them didn’t wear masks. The Germans, together with the US, are obsessed with masks, but that is in their nature, they are a people quickly to be indoctrinated, as we can learn from history, WWII. The judge at the Nurmenberger trial asked Herman Göringwhy the German people got along with Nazism and he answered:

It was very easy, it has nothing to do with Nazism, it has something to do with human nature. You can do it in a Nazi, socialist, communist regime, in a monarchy and even in a democracy. The only thing that needs to be done to enslave people is to scare them. If you manage to find a way to scare people, you can make them do what you want.”

And exactly that is what it is, scare the hell out of people, bring them fear every day, through their televisions and computers, and like Herman Göring said ,they do what you want and we see it happen. The people indoctrinated and frightened, are far off from reality. The so-called pandemic is not killing millions and millions. Countries are turning into totalitarian regimes and they don’t care. They don’t seem to care about their children anymore. They aren’t asking anything, aren’t doing their own research about vaccines. Just like in WWII, theyobey the orders and afterwards the majority of the Germans said: “Wir haben es nicht gewusst”, we didn’t know!

By Sonja van den Ende

independent journalist

Published in partnership with http://oneworld.press/

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