Following the great conversation I had with Stew Peters on his show, I thought of expanding a little bit about the Brazilian contract.

First, if you did not watch the episode, I highly recommend you do so.

Now, let us first talk whether or not the contract is real.


On the 3rd of March 2021, the following message has appeared in the “Diario Official Da UNiado” (Official Diary of the Union) which is the national press of the federative republic of Brazil.

The Department of Logistics in Health of the Executive Secretariat of the Ministry of Health makes public its intention to contract, with the company Laboratórios Pfizer LTDA, by waiver of a bidding process based on article 2, item I, of Provisional Measure No. 1.026/2021, the acquisition 100,000,000 doses of the COVID-19 CORONAVÍRUS, SARS-COV-2, INJECTABLE vaccine, to be delivered by December 2021. This intention will be ratified after the completion of the procedural instruction in progress. Process 25000.171832/2020-92. ROBERTO FERREIRA DIAS Director of the Health Logistics Department

On the 15th of March, on the same publication, the bidding waiver was explained.

Species: Process No.: 25000.171832/2020-92. Object: Acquisition of VACCINE, COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS, SARS-COV-2), INJECTABLE (ComirnatyTM Vaccine). Total Items: 01. Legal Basis: Article 2, item I, of Provisional Measure nº 1.026/2021. Justification: Acquisition of vaccines and supplies for vaccination against Covid-19. Recognition on 03/15/2021. MARCELO BATISTA COSTA – Deputy General Coordinator of Strategic Health Inputs. Ratification on 03/15/2021. ROBERTO FERREIRA DIAS – Director of the Health Logistics Department. Global Value: R$5,630,060,241.00. Contractor: Pfizer Export B.V, represented by Laboratórios Pfizer Ltda, CNPJ: 46.070.868/0036-99. Value: BRL 5,630,060,241.00.

The contract itself was signed on the 18th of March. Here are the details as appears in the Brazilian document repository:

You can validate by yourself if you go to the document repository of the Brazilian government here, and use the validation code: 0019603551 with the following CRC: 1A550AF8


First, the information on the Pfizer side:

This is the signature of the representative of Pfizer, who you can validate is a real person who is a director in Pfizer Export B.V. here.

Here is information on Pfizer Export B.V., which is sharing the same registered address as:

Pfizer Australia Holdings B.V.Pfizer B.V.Pfizer Development B.V.Pfizer East India B.V.Pfizer Eastern Investments B.V.Pfizer Enterprise Holdings B.V.,Pfizer Global Holdings B.V.,Pfizer Himalaya Holdings Coöperatief U.A.Pfizer Manufacturing Holdings LLCPfizer Manufacturing LLC , Pfizer Mexico Holding B.V. , Pfizer OTC B.V.Pfizer PFE AsiaPac Holding B.V.Pfizer PFE Australia Holding B.V.Pfizer PFE Eastern Investments B.V.Pfizer PFE Global Holdings B.V. , Pfizer PFE Ireland Pharmaceuticals Holding 1 B.V. , Pfizer PFE Service Company Holding B.V.Pfizer PFE Spain B.V. , Pfizer PFE Turkey Holding 1 B.V.Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Global B.V. , Pfizer Production LLCPfizer R&D Holding B.V., and… Pfizer Ventures LLC.

And here is the Brazilian signature, which translates to: “Document signed electronically by Roberto Ferreira Dias, Director of the Logistics Department, on 03/18/2021, at 20:59, according to official Brasília time, based on art. 6, § 1, of Decree No. 8.539, of October 8, 2015; and art. 8, of Ordinance No. 900 of March 31, 2017.”

More about Mr Roberto Ferreira Dias soon.


To those who want to read more about the legality of digitally signed documents (e-signature) as audit trail relied upon as key evidence, as legally binding, its usage for court filings, and for class actions and related matters can read more the DocuSign whitepapers related to US courts and to Canadian courts, the fact that digital signatures can be used to execute documents, including where there is a statutory requirement for a signature, according to the Law Commission in the UK… and I can go on and on.


Following an Information Request No. 379/2021 ( 0019747954), authored by Federal Deputy Gustavo Fruet, which requested clarification on the information conveyed in institutional advertising on social networks and television about the purchase of more than 560 million doses of vaccines against COVID-19, the Department of Health Logistics in the ministry of health has replied to the request on April 7, 2021 via a “Technical Note No. 7/2021-DLOG/SE/MS”, signed by no other than Roberto Ferreira Dias , Director of the Logistics Department.

The Request for information asked 3 questions:

  1. Was there an effective purchase/negotiation of 560 million doses or just an indication of purchase intention?
  2. If the answer above is yes, which are the laboratories/manufacturers with which the Ministry made the purchase?
  3. What is the cost of production and placement on social networks and media (radio and TV) of the advertising that publicizes the aforementioned purchase?

In the response, on article 2.4, the director wrote: “In response to this demand, the main data regarding the contracts signed by the Ministry of Health for the acquisition of vaccines against COVID19 are listed below:”

Here is the full table:

As before, you are more than welcome to validate the information here, by using the Validation code 0019910827, and the CRC code 3722E1DD.

Notice this price matches the price as appears in appendix B in the contract.


According to the Brazilian ministry of health website,

“All contracts or acquisitions made pursuant to this Law will be immediately made available on a specific official website on the world wide web (internet), containing, as appropriate, in addition to the information provided for in § 3 of art. 8 of Law No. 12,527, of November 18, 2011 , the name of the contractor, the registration number with the Federal Revenue Service of Brazil, the contractual term, the value and the respective hiring or acquisition process.”

Again, you can check the details of the contract there.


Before we continue further, a reminder about Roberto Ferreira Dias. The story is as follows, according to Brazilian news outlets (using google translate):

The president of Covid’s Parliamentary Inquiry Commission (CPI), Omar Aziz, has imprisoned former director of Logistics at the Ministry of Health, Roberto Ferreira Dias, on charges of lying during his testimony. “Call the Senate police. You are being held by the presidency of the CPI,” said Aziz, who accused him of perjury….Dias was called upon to explain the accusations that he would have asked for a bribe of US$ 1 per dose of vaccine in negotiations and would have pressured a ministry official to expedite the acquisition of Covaxin, an immunizing agent produced in India.

In my interviews I said that that Roberto Ferreira Dias asekd for $2M dollar bribe… and as you can see from the information above, the real figure is $20M. My lovely Dyslexia. He was later released on bail.

read further

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