We’ll catch you ’cause we can- Corona committee

Session 61: “We’ll catch you ’cause we can”

An English voice over of the German parts will be linked here afterwards by the end of the weekend, so that the entire session will be available in English.

➥ Here you can go directly to the stream

(https://youtu.be/s8l-jiC_oFw?t=12193)Topic excerpt:
▫️”Pandemics” yesterday and today.
▫️Fragile experts in the focus of the legacy media
▫️Presentation of relevant basic psychological experiments.
▫️Agenda: Targeted population reduction
▫️Media lies about the situation in India
▫️Situation in France
▫️Complaint against Bill&Melianda Gates Foundation
▫️Action against Joe Biden

RA Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, go to channel here:

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