Covid-21 inbound?

An image published from a story on the German news outfit reveals the possibility of COVID-21 to be rolled out. As we know Bill Gates has warned us about next pandemic and that it will get our attention this time.

We also have that leaked e mail mentioning COVID-21 as well as many articles published on the internet that mentioning Covid-21 as well as SARS-Cov-3

COVID-19 and the future – massive social and economic experiment 06.20.2020

“The first is that we will be better prepared for future versions of COVID-19 in an environment where there is no vaccine. Next time, when COVID-21, say, arrives, the world will shut down immediately, the virus will run out of steam and we will start again quicker.”

How the pandemic will end 25.3.2020

“In 2030, SARS-CoV-3 emerges from nowhere, and is brought to heel within a month.”

Welcome to Firstlinks Edition 370 08.06.2020

“So this is not just about COVID-19, as there will be COVID-21 and COVID-23 unless we put far more resources into looking after our ecosystem.”

The next virus pandemic is not far away Financial Times 08.06.2020

‘What about COVID-20?’ U.S. cuts funding to group studying bat coronaviruses in China 05.09.2020

“Once we’ve overcome COVID-19, what about COVID-20? What about COVID-21? Who is going to go out and find those? Our grant was specifically designed to locate where these viruses are and to stop them from harming Americans,” he said.

There will be another pandemic, so let’s be ready, say GPs 06.09.2020

“There will be a SARS-CoV-3. Let’s be ready for it,” the College president Dr Harry Nespolon said.”

Salk researchers accelerate, expand COVID-19 research 06.29.2020

“This research will uncover underlying principles and overcome intractable clinical challenges, not just of SARS-CoV-2 today, but of SARS-CoV-3 tomorrow.”

“We Should Absolutely Expect More Pandemics”-The Atlantic’s Ed Yong – 08.13.2020

You made reference to SARS-CoV-2. What about SARS-CoV-3?Will there be another coronavirus that hits us? I don’t know. Will there be another pandemic? Absolutely. For those of us who are lucky to get through this one, we will probably live through the next flu pandemic, maybe the next pandemic of a new coronavirus, or something else that takes us by surprise. This is an era of emergent infections. That is a consequence of this world we have built, which has been riddled by climate change, which is facing increasing agricultural use, where humans have intruded into the spaces that were once the domain of animals and the viruses that they carry. So we should absolutely expect more pandemics, and we should realize that they could be worse.”

 Simulation Games > Power & Revolution 2020 Edition released date 09.17.2020

“In “The World Without Covid”, the player can lead their country in a “normal” context, without the pandemic.
In the “SARS-CoV-3 Mutation” scenario, set in 2022, when, after a widespread vaccination of the world population for Covid-19, researchers discover a new patient carrying a virus that seems to resistant to the vaccine. Has the virus mutated?
The pandemic crisis plunges the world into turmoil: in the “Coronation” scenario, the player can take advantage of the chaos to install a royalty and become an absolute monarch.”

The Pandemic, From the Virus’s Point of View 09.19. 2020 from New York Times

“A visiting doctor becomes infected, and she carries the virus back to Kigali, the capital. Soon it is at the airport, in the airways of people who don’t yet feel symptoms and are boarding flights for Kinshasa, Doha and London. Now you can give the improved virus a different name: SARS-CoV-3. It’s a success story that hasn’t happened yet but very easily could.”

Moderna’s Tal Zaks to ‘Post’: Coronavirus vaccine is personal 09.19.2020

When asked if he thought the Moderna vaccine would work long-term, Zaks said it is possible the virus will change and that one day the world might even have SARS-CoV-3, another iteration of the current pandemic. But he explained that when that happens, if Moderna’s vaccine technology is already proven to prevent the disease, it will be “relatively straightforward” to update the vaccine.

Carolina’s coronavirus lab- UNC Research 01.10.2020

“I think this whole experience has made people acutely aware of infectious diseases and the fact that viruses like SARS-CoV-2 have no regard for geography, the color of your skin, what language you speak, or whether or not you are a saint or a sinner. I see this as a positive. It’s like Earth has been forced to take a virology class. This has taught people basic public health skills they will carry with them their whole lives. My kids know more about virology than I ever thought they would. Hopefully, this experience will help convince society of the importance of basic science research and the need to create broad-based vaccines and therapeutics to prepare for the emergence of SARS-CoV-3 and SARS-CoV-4.”

Expert Roundtable: Five Tech Issues Facing the Next Administration 10.06.2020

A new federal administration will be ethically obliged to figure out what to do to put the country in a better position for the next pandemic, be it COVID-21 or -23

The Preexisting Conditions of the Coronavirus Pandemic 10.16.2020 from

“For Covid-19 specifically, that’d be messaging on wearing masks, figuring out how to deploy wide-scale improvements in ventilation systems, and getting people aid so they can stay home. That all worked in SingaporeTaiwanSouth Korea, even Wuhan. It can work here. But the GBD numbers show how to build a system that can deal with all kinds of other problems, including infectious surprises like SARS-CoV-2. And that same system will make for a happier, healthier world—one that’s tough enough to shake off a SARS-CoV-3 someday, too.”

COVID-19 Is Different Now MARCH 26, 2021

The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic may drag on for years, but the nightmare of last year—of an entirely new viral illness, emerging in a specific sociopolitical context—is behind us. Instead we’re facing a new set of challenges, and they are not easily comparable to what has come before. It’s worth considering a new way of thinking about the period of the pandemic now ahead of us—one that leads us neither to complacency nor to paralyzing despair. In many ways COVID-19 is already over. What lies ahead is COVID-21.

The dawning of COVID-21: As pandemic gets under control, new mutations pose host of new concerns February 4, 2021

We Might Have a Covid-21 or Covid-22 Coming Our Way’ Dec 23 2020

The issue is, right now as we speak, there are many other coronaviruses out there in wildlife being consumed by humans – and any one of them could jump. So, we might have a Covid-21 or Covid-22 coming our way and we need to strengthen the surveillance systems, reduce deforestation and stop all commercial trade in wildlife for human consumption (particularly of birds and mammals).

Fight with Covid-19 not over; on the horizon is Covid-21 March 30, 2021

Rising on the horizon, say the scientists, is the visage of Covid-21. This is the new adversary that humanity must now prepare to engage and defeat.

At this moment in time you cant help get the feeling that this Coup d’état is starting to fall apart and the momentum of the opposition gathers speed. People can only be oppressed for a certain length of time and many are waking up. They will not win his war and there will be revolutions and civil unrest. As with the current reporting on India they desperately trying to keep the narrative together and fear levels at maximum. I would not be surprised if COVID-21 or a Cyber Attack were to happen in the near future so keep an open mind and be prepared.

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