International Legal Offensive – Part 1 -Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

Lawyers and Activists from all over the world present their main legal corona-related strategies and projects at the moment.

▫️Renate Holzeisen (Lawyer, Italy)
▫️Francis E. Hoar (Lawyer, Great Britian)
▫️Dominic Desjarlais (Lawyer, Canada)
▫️Ana Garner (Lawyer, USA)
▫️Leslie Manookian (President of the Health Freedom Defense Fund, USA)
▫️George Wentz (Lawyer, USA)
▫️Andrea Steindl (Lawyer, Austria)
▫️Gerold Beneder (Lawyer, Austria)
▫️Dr. Michael Brunner (Lawyer, Austria)
▫️Miguel Luis Marcelo Iannolfi (Lawyer and medical doctor, Argentina)
▫️Dr. Gustavo Salle Lorier (Law- and social scientist, Uruguay)
▫️Natalia Ravanales (Lawyer, Chile)
▫️Michael Swinwood (Lawyer, Canada)

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