Faktencheck Gesundheitsamt: Ein Insider packt (Health department fact check: an insider unpacks)

For English, subtitles to be turned on.

Unser heutiger Interview-Gast ist Mitarbeiterin in einem deutschen Gesundheitsamt und möchte aus Gründen der eigenen Sicherheit anonym bleiben.

Our interview guest today is an employee of a German health department and would like to remain anonymous for reasons of their own safety.

The employee from the health department made the following additions on 01.
April 2021 added:
As of today there are new rules of the RKI, the testing and thus the numbers
will increase massively! Probably too little for shopping
get tested. I saw the report on the KDW Berlin. There have dealers
reports that a maximum of three customers came per day.
I think most people have given up on shopping.
Today the new rules of the RKI were announced in the health department.
Anyone who has 10 minutes of contact with a positive comes into quarantine
tested person had!
It seems that the same strategy is being used as before
Lockdown. Increasing the tests to get higher numbers. I’m afraid that
now effects of vaccination will also come into play. Side effects
will now appear in the form of symptoms, even in younger people. I
think younger people who have been vaccinated will have more severe symptoms with the “summer flu”
develop which lead to severe courses and very often to the death of these young
People. These are declared as “dead from corona with mutants”. A new
dangerous wave and thus a total lockdown!
All of this was predicted that younger people would also be affected
become. Experts have said that symptoms remain 3-6 months after vaccination
fatally associated with common flu.
I hope to contribute to this with this video and this additional information
can enlighten many people.
Many Thanks
Happy Easter holidays.
Anonymous employee of a German health department

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