The Israeli People’s Committee Interim Conclusion Report, April 2021:From Uncontrollable Impulse to Criminal Spin?

The Israeli People’s Committee
Interim Conclusion Report, April 2021:
From Uncontrollable Impulse to Criminal Spin?


“I was impressed frankly with the obsession of your prime minister, he called me thirty times, thirty
times. He would call me at 3:00 o’clock in the morning and he would ask me what about the variants,
what data we have, and I said, “Prime minister it’s three o’clock…”. He said, “No, no! don’t worry, tell
me.” Or he would call me to ask about children, “I need to vaccinate the schools,” or to ask about
pregnant women. So, he convinced me frankly that he will be on top of it.” (Pfizer CEO Dr. Albert
Bourla, interview on Israeli TV, March 2021)
ABSTRACT: The Israeli People’s Committee has uncovered a multitude of malfunctions and failures
at the administrative, ethical and legal levels during the COVID-19 vaccination campaign at the
beginning of 2021 in Israel. In this document, we aim at presenting and elaborating the main features
of these malfunctions, which have led to severe damages in many Israelis in the short term, and sadly
to possible future damages. It seems that the entire country got caught up in a medical-social chaos,
where the leadership has enabled a situation of fear and uncertainty to run its course out of control,
and even contributed to its further enhancement. But most of all, we cannot ignore severe suspicions
shared by all the committee members, that the fundamental sin, which led to the chaos and its
casualties, is the way in which two very powerful personages, prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu
and Pfizer CEO Dr. Albert Bourla, agreed upon a massive vaccination campaign in Israel that is
unprecedented in scale and nature. A vaccination campaign that lacks effective safeguards for public


safety, that is devoid of any concern for people who may be harmed by the vaccine, and that has
allegedly guaranteed to encompass populations, for which the safety of the vaccine has not been
tested (pregnant women and their fetuses), and later also children, for whom the need to be
vaccinated is totally unclear, while pushing aside any safety considerations. From this exact episode,
where both parties came to an agreement regarding the vaccination campaign, which involved a wide
variety of ethical and safety violations, an unrestrained drama was initiated that has revealed itself
to be impulsive, neglectful and reckless. The agreed upon vaccination campaign concerns matters of
life and death, yet is being conducted in an amateurish, irresponsible and aggressive manner, and it
led to the political arena taking over the medical arena and bending it to its needs, while paralyzing
all alarm systems, monitoring measures and open scientific discussion. Unfortunately, most of the
medical system collaborated with this unsupervised process, starting with the higher ranks, and
ending with field doctors – some actively, some by keeping quiet from fear of reprisal.
The Israeli People’s Committee is an independent and apolitical group of Israeli citizens, who vary in
their worldviews and areas of expertise. Among us there are physicians, lawyers, scientists and
researchers from a wide range of academic disciplines. The glue that binds us together is our deep
concern with respect to the safety of the Israeli people and the fate of our country in view of the
chaotic vortex, which was orchestrated by the Israeli leadership during the last year in the shadow of
the corona crisis, and which the Israeli public finds itself trapped in. In the vacuum that was created
due to the disintegration of all the systems of our country, we arrive at the understanding that the
cure for all the (health, moral, social, economic) ills, which were brought by the spin of the
irresponsible government’s management of the corona crisis, must come from the people. We
therefore banded together a few weeks ago and established The Israeli People’s Committee in an
attempt to of initiate a process of investigation, exposure, change, correction and recovery, and with
the hope to encourage many other Israeli citizens to follow us and join our self-healing journey.
It is only recently that our investigation has been underway, and we are interested here in reporting
the public our initial findings and insights. Given the multitude of harms caused to the public during
the COVID crisis, we had to prioritize the investigation topics and chose to focus first on the wrongs
emerged during the COVID vaccination campaign in Israel that were piled on top of the already


painful distress that the Israeli population has suffered due to the policy of repeated lockdowns. This
is based on our perception that taking care of these wrongs is top urgency. Our report is addressed
not only to the Israeli public, but also to people all over the world. This is because of our impression
that the whole world is looking at the Israeli vaccination campaign in envy. Since things seen from
here are not seen from there, we find it important to explain to the people from around the world
that there is no reason at all to envy us and also to warn them from similar events and their harmful
consequences that may happen in their own countries. It should be noted that we don’t take or
present any stand regarding the COVID vaccine itself (as long as it is being distributed to the adult
population). Rather, we raise many questions and concerns regarding the manner in which the
vaccination campaign was conducted in Israel. Regarding the recent intent to vaccinate children, we
do hold a strong clear opinion that will be presented later in this report.
Based on the information we have gathered from the public and many other sources, we were
exposed to a wide range of severe wrongs caused to the public since the COVID vaccination campaign
in Israel began. These wrongs are spread across all areas of life and are characterized, among other
things, by total disregard for ethical codes and proper governance rules, ruining the foundation of
democracy, and delivering a fatal blow to the Israeli social fabric. After analyzing the preliminary
findings, as will be explained below, we believe there is reason for concern that the multitude of
wrongs brought upon the Israeli public during the COVID vaccination campaign may be the
consequence of a disorder known in psychology as “impulse control disorder.”1 In psychology, an
impulse control disorder is defined as an unstoppable inner need of a person to perform a certain
action even knowing it may harm oneself or others. Whilst impulses themselves are natural and even
essential to human behavior, surely the absence of ability to control impulses makes it dangerous for
the individual and his or her surroundings. This is because such uncontrollable impulses become the
obsessive objective of a blind decision making process that lacks any reference to its potential
negative implications. We wonder if all the decisions and procedures associated with the Israeli
COVID vaccination campaign, including those that encompassed intrinsic disruption of acceptable
(locally and globally) course of treatment and research, derive from an uncontrollable impulse to

American Psychiatric Association. (2013). Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders (5th ed.). Arlington,
VA: American Psychiatric Publishing.


vaccinate the entire population of Israel overwhelmingly – an impulse shared by two entities, the
Israeli leadership on one hand and the pharmaceutical industry on the other.
Is it possible that the state leaders of Israel suffer from an uncontrollable impulse to vaccinate the
entire Israeli population, which arises from their need to be portrayed as the saviors of the people,
in light of the accumulated stress from the ongoing erratic lockdown policy that was embraced as a
failed attempt to deal with the COVID crisis?
Is it possible that also the pharmaceutical industry suffers a similar uncontrollable impulse, which
stems from its need to accelerate the spread of its scientific development all over the globe, while
using the Israeli population as the science lab of the world?
Is it possible that the convergence of the uncontrollable impulses of the two main players, who
enabled the Israeli vaccination campaign, is the one that led to the spin of explicit violations of civil
rights that we were exposed to during our investigation?
We believe that a positive answer to all these questions is not groundless. Furthermore, we are
having trouble finding another satisfactory explanation to the irresponsible manner that the COVID
vaccination campaign was performed in Israel, while exposing the Israeli public to many risks and in
the process harming its fundamental human rights, as elaborated hereinafter.
IN SHORT: We find that the ethical defense systems, which were built in the medical world over
hundreds of years, were dismantled in order to execute one and only impulse – to vaccinate the
entire Israeli population as fast as possible.
The innovative Pfizer COVID vaccine was given to the Israeli citizens without receiving their informed
consent and without giving them information about the vaccine’s safety, potential risks, possible side
effects, expected efficiency, and medical alternatives, whether conventional or otherwise. This is
unlike the common practice in many other countries. Even in Italy, which was severely harmed by
the COVID-19 virus, citizens who wish to be vaccinated are required to sign an informed consent
form.2 They sign it in front of two medical personnel after reading a document that is 14 pages long



and receiving a detailed and clear explanation in simple language, which presents them with what is
known about the vaccine and what is still unknown, the benefits, and the short-term and long-term
risks, even though this procedure slows down the vaccination pace of the population. The same is
true in the U.S. where citizens, who come to get vaccinated, receive four detailed forms loaded with
information about the vaccine and its possible risks,3 and they are given a free choice without
pressure or coercion to decide based on the information received whether to vaccinate or not, in
accordance with the standard procedure in the medical world ever since. We cannot but wonder why
this important procedure was waived in Israel, especially regarding an experimental vaccine that has
not yet been approved or licensed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and has only been
authorized for emergency use. It is hard to understand the impulse to urgently vaccinate the Israeli
population without taking the necessary precautions while distributing a new medical treatment for
extensive use in the population.
Review of the contract between Israel and Pfizer enhances our doubts. As part of the general lack of
transparency that has characterized the government’s handling of the COVID crisis, as reflected in
the fact that all transcripts and records of government discussions on the COVID crisis are sealed for
thirty years, the Israel-Pfizer contract regarding the vaccine presented to the public was also heavily
redacted (including the contract’s signature date and also page numbers). Yet, those parts of the
contract, which were revealed to the public, indicate that the vaccination campaign is designed to
provide Pfizer with data regarding the vaccine’s efficiency. This is also implied by the words of both
Israeli prime minister and Pfizer’s CEO, according to which the state of Israel is the international
testing lab for the experimental Pfizer vaccine towards its approval and for the sake of the world.
This extensive medical experiment is being performed through violation of the Nuremberg Code, the
Patient’s Rights Law, the ministry of health’s protocol for medical experiments in human subjects
(protocol 14), and especially the protocol of informed consent for experiments in human subjects,
and without pre-approval of the national Helsinki Committee on Human Rights.
Medical ethics are at the core of the medical profession, maintaining its trustworthiness, its
commitment to the civil service, its lack of ulterior motives, and its reliance on universal principals
designed to benefit human beings as safely as possible with transparency and out of responsibility to



the methodical use of knowledge and research tools. Most doctors adhere to medical ethics, which
keeps them from losing their way, acting out of hubris, and involving ulterior motives in their work.
Then, what is the explanation of the willingness of the heads of the health care system in Israel to
give up these fundamental ethics and lead the Israeli population to an experimental medical
intervention while ignoring the rules that are supposed to protect both the public and doctors? Were
they defeated by a tremendous pressure that instilled them with confusion and recklessness and thus
led them to make unethical decisions? Did the prime minister’s uncontrollable impulse to present
achievements in the eradication of the pandemic find a partner in the form of a weak health care
system, which finds it difficult to steer the ship in rough waters and is in a desperate need of a lifeline,
and for that is ready to agree to a hasty vaccination campaign that has dismantled all precautions
and medical considerations related to such a procedure?
Whilst writing this report, the Israeli media announced the resignation of professor Eran Dolev, a
member of the committee in charge of Israeli vaccination policy, who previously served as IDF chief
medical officer and chair of the Ethics Bureau of the Medical Association. He resigned in protest after
the rejection of his view regarding the necessity of informing pregnant women before vaccinating
them that pregnant women were not enrolled in Pfizer’s trial. The deeply troubling aspect of this
news item is the fact that professor Dolev’s insistence was not merely academic – it was an attempt
to keep medical practice in the framework of ethics and law. We hereby ask professor Dolev to
approach the public and add information regarding the decision-making processes and all the facts
IN SHORT: We shed light on an intensive communication campaign, which includes manipulative
tools that influence human consciousness in an attempt to make people decide to vaccinate without
thinking or hesitating, while generating panic and anxiety on one hand, alongside far-reaching
promises on the other hand. All this in order to satisfy and execute the impulse to vaccinate the entire
Israeli population, at any cost.
The way the Israeli vaccination campaign is being promoted raises our concern that it is contaminated
from its outset and every step of the way with misleading the public and even deception with alleged
criminal suspicion. The misleading began with the declaration of government officials and senior


officials of the ministry of health that the Pfizer COVID vaccine, being aggressively and coercively
marketed to the Israeli citizens, was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The
institutional system hides from the Israeli public the fact that the FDA authorized this product only
for emergency use and it is not approved or licensed,4 and that the clinical trial process required to
approve (or reject) the product is only expected to end in two years, February 2023.5 Time and time
again, government officials and senior officials of the ministry of health repeat unequivocally and
unhesitatingly the misleading declaration that the Pfizer COVID vaccine was authorized by the FDA,
it is written as part of the official information presented by the ministry of health to the public in its
website6,7,8,9 and also proudly written on the government propaganda signs to encourage vaccination
against the coronavirus. 10,11
Furthermore, as part of the aggressive propaganda to encourage the Israeli public to vaccinate
against the coronavirus, senior officials of the ministry of health declare firmly that the vaccine is safe
and risk free, while knowing it is impossible to evaluate its safety before all clinical trial phases are
completed. Some make these declarations while being in clear conflict of interest due to their
financial ties with Pfizer and without proper disclosure to the public of these ties. And as if it is not
enough, the ministry of health rushes pregnant women to vaccinate when declaring the vaccine is
safe for them and their fetuses, although pregnant women were not enrolled in the Pfizer trial, and
while health organizations all over the world are reluctant to recommend all pregnant women to

4 FDA. (2020). Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine. Letter of Authorization.
5 Study to Describe the Safety, Tolerability, Immunogenicity, and Efficacy of RNA Vaccine Candidates Against COVID-19
in Healthy Individuals.


vaccinate12,13,14,15. Considering the extreme uncertainties regarding the nature of the new virus and
the new vaccine, which attempts to protect from it and was just recently developed and still was not
gathered enough data about and is based on new technology never experimented on human, it is
beyond our comprehension how our ministry of health can be so full of confidence about the
vaccine’s safety.
In their propaganda to encourage vaccination, the health system officials in charge of the public
safety sadly have appeared more than once as salespeople trying their best to pitch their products,
while exaggerating their advantages and intentionally hiding their downsides, and using any possible
manipulation to influence the potential clients regardless of their true needs. The aggressive
propaganda that the Israeli government chose to use to market an experimental vaccine, as if it was
goods in the marketplace, raises vast concern in us. We fear that the opaque propaganda saturated
with deception was designed to brainwash and form misperception among the public with the single
purpose of getting all to vaccinate, since they might have not done so were it not for being subject
to all these psychological manipulations.
Not only are the messages of the ministry of health during the vaccination campaign misleading and
biased, but they also seem to suffer from inconsistencies and internal contradictions. Repeatedly,
senior health officials are instilling false hopes in the citizens and urging them to hurry up and get
vaccinated so that we can all return to a normal life. But, in practice, they continue to enforce mask
wearing and social distancing and do not guarantee that immunization will prevent contagion – this

12 World Health Organization policy recommendations for Pfizer vaccine:–
13 CDC recommendation regarding the vaccination of pregnant women:


14 The recommendation of the UK ministry of health regarding the vaccination of pregnant women:

15 Consent form of the Italian ministry of health stating not to vaccinate pregnant and breastfeeding women:


on the pretext that there is not enough information as we are still in the course of study. However,
if research is still ongoing and there is insufficient information on the safety and efficacy of the
vaccine, then the vaccine cannot be promoted as safe and effective, and certainly citizens of the
country cannot be forced to be vaccinated by threatening their fundamental rights and violating basic
laws, using intimidation campaigns. Alternatively, if the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine are
clear, then we wonder why the social distance policy continues, why all life systems do not return to
full activity, and why it is necessary to adopt a policy of separation that means apartheid against the
unvaccinated people. It is unclear to us why there are no clear reassuring messages from the
government that those who have been vaccinated are indeed protected. Is it because the information
about it is unknown? And if it is not known, how can one explain the great urgency of vaccinating the
entire population in such a hasty and uncontrolled manner? Are the vaccine campaign leaders
themselves confused and driven by motives that do not befit their historical role and its implications?
We should add that the campaign to encourage vaccination is based, to a large extent, on what is
known in the public as “consciousness engineering”. This includes the use of manipulative tools
purport to brainwash and form misperception among the citizens in order to push them all to
vaccinate. The manipulative tools in use are designed, on the one hand, to cause the people an
extreme anxiety and a sensation that they have no choice, if they want to save their life, but to get
vaccinated. On the other hand, they are directed to spread messages of blaming those who choose
not to get vaccinated, as if they are traitors or egoists who harm the national effort to get out of the
crisis. These manipulative messages, which are delivered by public figures as well as the vast majority
of the media, permeated well the Israeli public and caused massive social, family and organizational
pressure on people to be vaccinated, even against their will. We continuously receive reports of
disputes in families, in workplaces and recreational places that derive directly from this misleading
psychological messages.
It was particularly surprising and worrisome to find that doctors in the health care system, from the
field level to the top of the pyramid, almost all without exception, also took part in the same
misleading propaganda, without themselves being equipped with the medical knowledge necessary
to recommend one treatment or another. There have been many reports of doctors encouraging,
and even pressuring citizens to get vaccinated, and it seems they are guided by a systemic instruction
that this is how every patient should be treated, regardless of almost any detail in his or her medical


history. There is no need to elaborate on how confusing such conduct is, dismantling public trust and
crumbling very thinly the power of the medical system to operate among citizens. Here, too, we can
recognize how an uncontrollable urge, in conjunction with systems that succumb to it
overwhelmingly, can undo basic norms of public medical administration, lead to sweeping deception
bordering on criminal behavior and lead an entire medical system to treat its patients compulsively
and manipulatively, while significantly weakening the judgment and decision-making authority of
IN SHORT: We point to the unrestrained use of a very “effective” means of increasing the response
to the vaccination campaign – massive pressure that includes violating civil rights and denying
freedom of expression, employment, recreation, motion and more. Allegedly this is an attempt to
protect the vaccinated population, but in fact this is a tool with a fascist tone to weaken resistance
and to push the entire Israeli population to be vaccinated, at any cost, even at the cost of destructing
the democracy foundations and the social fabric in Israel.
The corona vaccine campaign in Israel, which has succeeded overwhelmingly due to the authorities’
ongoing campaign of intimidation, quickly slipped from the use of solicitation and seduction to using
a disproportionate steam roller and a variety of sanctions imposed on the public who chose not to
be vaccinated. The sanctions imposed on the public that is not interested in the vaccine are
manipulatively presented as incentives for the vaccinated public, as if a sanction imposed on one
segment of the population is not the exact mirror image of an incentive given to the other segment
of the population. The vaccination campaign is accompanied by unethical, and probably even illegal,
restriction of the movement of people who do not want to be vaccinated and discrimination against
them by promoting the controversial idea of the green passport. The sharp shift from the purple label
policy (i.e., social distancing, limitation of number of people gather in close places, masks wearing)
to the green label policy (i.e., selection between the vaccinated population and the unvaccinated
population), which in one flick of the switch turned the entire unvaccinated population into a danger,
without any substantiated medical justification for it and only because the others were vaccinated,
was done under the guise of a concern for public health, but it gives the impression that it is a means
to pressure citizens who do not wish to be vaccinated and a tool to force the vaccine on them,


unwillingly. The vaccination campaign seems to have become a kind of public relations campaign
aimed at using a steam roller to vaccinate the general public, even populations that are not in risk
groups, allegedly with the goal of protecting the at-risk population, even though most of it has been
already vaccinated.
This steam roller is leveraged through the media, which seems to have forgotten its role as an
important mechanism for inspecting and criticizing the government and as a platform for presenting
a variety of opinions. With regard to the vaccination campaign, one gets the impression that the
media has forsaken its role and acted to suppress any opinion that does not reconcile with the
governmental narrative, and this in ways of silencing and even ridiculing, while becoming in fact the
mouthpiece of the government. Voices that dare to claim the potential risks of such a vaccine, which
has not yet been approved but only allowed for emergency use and is from a new technology that
has not been adequately tested on humans, do not get media coverage or alternatively are defamed
in the media and their arguments are categorized as false information (or “fake news”). People who
choose not to get vaccinated are labeled in the media, with the encouragement of the authorities, as
science deniers, gullible people who are fed on conspiracy theories, selfish vaccine refusers, disease
spreaders, ticking bombs, and other such derogatory and pejorative labels. This incitement, which is
based on an immoral stance that treats human beings as risk factors for their environment, has led
to unethical and unconstitutional selection of people based on their vaccinated status, persecution
and exclusion of the population segment that is not interested in getting the vaccine, and deepening
division and schism among the people. All that, with the encouragement of the media and with the
tacit support of the authorities.
The thunderous silence of the Israeli government officials is a fertile ground for various parties to
take the law into their own hands and establish a medical apartheid regime in their private territory,
without any constitutional grip, in complete contrast to all moral and human values, and without
clear epidemiological or medical justification. In the Wild West atmosphere that has developed in
Israel, there are reports of many thousands of employers firing workers, who have chosen not to be
vaccinated, or making them pass through a gauntlet of humiliations, causing them shame and
embarrassing them in front of other workers. Lawyers’ hands are full to the brim with a huge amount
of complaints about workers’ rights violations popping up like mushrooms after the rain in almost
every corner of the country. As a continuation of the same phenomenon spreading like wildfire,


businesses do not allow consumers who are not interested in the vaccine to enter their shops,
cultural institutions prevent the entry of the unvaccinated, academic institutions exclude
unvaccinated students from classes and campuses, local authorities ban educators from attending
kindergartens and schools just because they choose not to be vaccinated, clinics and hospitals refuse
to provide medical care to patients who are not vaccinated, and kibbutzim are fencing various
territories within the kibbutz (including the kibbutz dining room) forbidding the kibbutz members
who have not been vaccinated to enter. Even in the country’s most symbolic melting pot – in the
Israel Defense Forces – soldiers are discriminated against because of their vaccination status, to the
point of separation and exclusion in the dining room, preventing them from continuing to serve in
certain units and positions, and marking the uniforms of soldiers according to vaccination status.
Moreover, organizations designed for protecting all this large public that suffers from illegal and
unethical selection, such as workers’ committees, consumer organizations, student unions and so on,
do not fulfill their role and in many cases even cooperate with the civil wrongs. The split and
polarization that pervaded the nation created rifts even within the family cell. As a result of the public
mindset, many people are forced to be vaccinated not by their free choice but by coercion, which is
a consequence of the fear of job loss, violation of freedom of movement and freedom to live a normal
life, and social banishment.
We are troubled by the unbearable ease with which the initial processes of the formation of a
discriminatory, fascist and violent society are taking place in our country these days, reminiscent of
the social experiment described in the well-known book “The Wave” by Morton Rhue. This disturbing
situation, to which an entire country finds itself, sounds taken from dystopian literature such as
George Orwell’s novel, 1984, or a reflection of the reality of life in totalitarian countries. It is hard not
to be surprised that all this is happening here, in the State of Israel, that on the foundations of the
painful history of the Jewish people etched in its flag ironclad rules to prevent such phenomena and
protect individual liberties, as established both in statutory legislation and in the Declaration of
Independence. There is no other country in the world that takes such improper coercive steps to
accelerate the immunization of the population against the coronavirus, so we again wonder what is
the meaning of this unusual and extreme conduct of the State of Israel in forcing vaccines and what
is the hidden uncontrollable impulse behind it. As a post-traumatic nation, are we citizens also


complicit in putting ourselves in the role of the victim who recreates the trauma? And perhaps this is
already our uncontrollable impulse as a nation?
IN SHORT: Our findings indicate that, for the purpose of realizing the compulsion to vaccinate the
Israeli population at any cost, one of the most important systems in any country was sacrificed – the
medical system. Like a virus that takes over a cell and makes it as its own until completely destroying
it, so politics invaded the sanctity of the medical system and infiltrated it with a means of
intimidation, paralysis of medical discretion, and silencing scientific discourse.
We are experiencing a growing phenomenon of active repression of doctors who express critical
views regarding the vaccination campaign or show a reluctance to vaccinate themselves with the
vaccine proposed by the Israeli government. This phenomenon, which in itself is a blunt violation of
basic individual rights and the Patients’ Rights Act, is accompanied by a demand for doctors and
medical staff to be vaccinated, a requirement that goes as far as forcing vaccines on them, invading
their privacy, and requiring them to report their vaccinated status. Some of the doctors and medical
staff, who refused to be vaccinated, were fired, forced to take an unpaid leave, or removed from
their positions. It should be noted that these actions are not taken only against doctors, but against
all employees who come into contact with the general public, ostensibly in the name of protecting
the general public. Doctors, who expressed a critical stance regarding the vaccine and / or the
coercion policy and the green passport outline, received warning letters from the ministry of health
and some were even targets of defamation campaigns in the media. This phenomenon of suppressing
and silencing of doctors, whose positions are contrary to those of the establishment, is not new,
though there is no doubt that it is gaining momentum and worsening today, with the entry of Pfizer
vaccines into Israel.
A recent study by a team of researchers from Israel, which interviewed researchers (many of whom
are well-known in their field) and doctors from various countries around the world, shows that they
were subjected to efforts of repression, silencing and censorship.16 The repression tactics described

16 Elisha , E., Guetzkow , J., Shir-Raz , Y., & Ronel, N. (in process). Silencing the Scientific Discourse on Vaccines: Self-
perceptions of Researchers and Practitioners Subjected to Censorship and Suppression of Dissent. Social Science and



by the study participants were similar, despite coming from different countries. Tactics described
include negative publicity in the media, amounting to personal defamation against them, retraction
of their scientific paper – that pointed to safety issues with a particular vaccine – after the paper was
published in a medical journal, calls for dismissal (usually through anonymous letters sent to their
employers), withholding funding for future research, detriment to their carrier and promotion, and
in some cases a summons to a hearing by the health authorities, and even revocation / suspension
of their medical license. This is despite the fact that they rely on established information about the
conflicts of interest, manipulations, biases and deceptions of certain pharmaceutical companies,
which led to many bodily and mental injuries, and their only sin was that they chose to act according
to their conscience and bring the information to the public. These silencing and repression moves
have many partners, and are driven by powerful groups with economic and political interests, which
support each other in order to continue to control the current agenda – that is, governments, health
authorities, pharmaceutical companies, and the mainstream media, with the latter now serving as
spokespersons for these interested parties without examining things in depth as is required of
journalists in democratic and free countries. This is a dangerous phenomenon that is a slippery slope
towards harming the legitimacy of the world of science and medicine, public health, and public trust
in science and medicine.
One of the measures taken by the authorities since the beginning of the corona crisis is a sweeping
takeover of public discourse and the creation of a false representation of a scientific consensus. This,
using the improper means mentioned above of ridiculing, silencing, and suppressing any attempt to
express an opposing opinion or one that casts doubt on the official position. The vast majority of the
media channels abandoned their traditional role defending democracy and even aligned themselves
with the pseudo-consensus dictated from above, which is unscientific by virtue of being dictated.
Many professionals and researchers have also joined this fictitious consensus, gaining the status of
the beloved government officials, and turning them into celebrities, whose messages, even those
that are clearly baseless, are frequently amplified by the various media channels. The authorities
have created a system of rewards for the opinions desired by them, and on the other hand also a
kind of modern inquisition that silences any opinion that is undesirable in their eyes, and which
endangers the ruling consensus, which is not based at all on evidence. Moreover, as described above,
the authorities even prevent obtaining scientific evidence that could jeopardize the consensus and


take measures to trample on anyone who dares to bring such evidence and argue scientifically against
the pseudo-scientific consensus.
The powerful ability of the media to create a simulated dictated consensus has been well described
in the theory of the spiral of silence,17 known in the academic literature in the field of communication.
The mass media is the main source of reference for information about the distribution of opinions in
society, and therefore about the climate of support or alternatively non-support for a particular
position. According to the theory, which has been demonstrated in many studies, most people are
anxious about a state of social and ideological isolation and are afraid to express themselves in an

ideologically hostile environment. In light of these natural concerns, people activate a kind of semi-
statistical sense, through which they subconsciously survey public opinion and the mood in society.

Their assessment of the level of support for a particular opinion determines their degree of
willingness to express their personal opinion openly. The prevailing tendency of most people is to
match their expressed opinions to what they perceived as acceptable and agreed upon by the public.
Individuals, who estimate that their opinion is different from the majority opinion, will usually refrain
from expressing it in public. Since most persons do not want to be an exception, they will choose to
remain silent or straighten a line and express an opinion that is consistent with what they perceive
as the majority opinion. However, when the media aligns with the fictitious consensus dictated to
them and also speaks in unison, this leads to a distortion of the distribution of opinions in society,
and so the number of those who refrain from supporting an incompatible opinion increases and a
spiral of ever-expanding silence is created. This phenomenon, researchers warn, poses a real danger
to society and democracy, as the suppression of other voices, whether of the general public or of
scientists, could make the distorted and invented or fabricated reality into a real reality. In the history
of medicine, there are quite a few disasters that originated with good intentions.18,19 We citizens
should therefore be wary of the consensus and its mouthpieces, especially when we see them coming

17 Noelle-Neumann, E. (1974). The Spiral of Silence: A Theory of Public Opinion. Journal of Communication 24(2): 43-51.
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and Therapy, 8, 1–4(2019).
19 Ridings, J.E. (2013). The thalidomide disaster, lessons from the past. Methods in Molecular Biology, 947:575-86. doi:


in bundles. Then, we must also use a degree of skepticism. After all, it is the public that will bear the
health, social and economic burden.
Processes of suppressing academic deliberation, eliminating all disagreements, doubts, and scientific
controversy, such as those we are witnessing are taking place around us these days, are typical of
dark regimes and power-to-fascist tendencies that can in no way be related to genuine human
welfare. The aggressive attempt to take over scientific-medical thinking and turn it into a kind of
religion, which persecutes those who deny it, can only be explained by a situation where influential
individuals and entities, local as well as external, which possess power and hold political and
economic interests, are driven by an uncontrollable impulse to achieve certain results, at any cost
and in any way that seems to fit. However, it is difficult not to wonder at the surrender of the medical
system, with its guiding principles of ethics and academic freedom, to the compulsive desires of
politicians and stakeholders in the pharmaceutical industry. It is sad to see how the medical system
has bowed its head and allowed powerful entities to force it to relinquish its autonomy, violate ethical
and moral codes, and serve as a tool in their hands. But once the medical system has agreed to this,
it is not surprising that out of severe dissonance, and having given up its basic principles, it becomes
a full collaborator of the one who raped it, and in terms of the victim who became an abuser, it
chooses to abuse its employees and those unwilling to cooperate with this rape. It seems that an
external uncontrollable impulse has taken over the medical system, and now it too, with an
uncontrollable internal impulse of its own, seeks to subdue and alienate those who still remain firm
in their free spirit and independent mind.
IN SHORT: We highlight one of the most disturbing manifestations of the uncontrollable urge to
vaccinate an entire population at any cost – the paralysis of monitoring and warnings systems, which
neutralizes the ability of the Israeli public (and the world) to get a true picture of the side effects of
Pfizer’ chemical preparation, unlike anything done worldwide. Or in other words, there is an ongoing
attempt to massively disrupt the flow of factual information about adverse events following
vaccination, without any considering of the heavy, local and global, price paid as a result.
While the prime minister of Israel and senior officials of the ministry of health are proud that Israel
serves as a global model for the vaccination of an entire country and that Pfizer chose us to be the


experimental country thanks to the advanced technological systems of our HMOs (health
maintenance organizations), the country systematically paralyses and shuts off all alert systems that
can identify adverse events that occur in close proximity to vaccinations and to warn about them.
Systems for monitoring and warning of side effects and risks are a basic and critical condition for
granting permission for mass use of any new medical preparation. Let alone the fact that such
systems are necessary as part of a mass operation to provide treatment that is defined as
experimental to millions of people, and even more so when this treatment is given to an entire
country, while exerting heavy pressure and threatening the livelihoods and basic rights of citizens.
The paralysis of alarm systems is manifested primarily in the absence of a transparent system for
reporting side effects. There are such reporting systems in the world, like the American system
Vaccine Adverse Effect Reporting System (VAERS)20 that is open to the general public to report any
side effects that the patients themselves or their relatives have experienced shortly after using the
medical preparation, and also allows them to read about the adverse events reported by others, in
their own words. This, without any mediation by the health authority, so that all the reports are
published, without the authority deciding what it considers to be related to the medical treatment
and what is not. These systems also provide the public with various analyses of the reported data. In
contrast to the practice in well administrated and managed Western countries, Israel does not have
such a transparent system for reporting side effects, and therefore there is no orderly monitoring of
side effects from the COVID vaccine, despite the choice to make the State of Israel a “laboratory of
the world.” The lack of information on possible side effects prevents the taking of appropriate
measures to identify people at higher risk of developing such symptoms and to apply recommended
risk reduction procedures.
With the start of the corona vaccine campaign in Israel, an online form was set up on the ministry of
health’s website, which allows the public to report side effects after the vaccine.21 However, the form
is wholly insufficient, as it only allows selection from a closed and incomplete list that contains a small

20 Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).;jsessionid=10F9DD130D183F4BEE1ECE0C4711
21 Ministry of health (2021). Reporting of side effects that manifested soon after a corona vaccine.


number of superficial side effects, while description of any other side effect not included in the list is
limited to 25 characters only. The form does not allow for the reporter to leave their name and
contact information for any potential follow-up by the ministry. Not only does the poor structure of
the form make the report useless, but the report from this form reaches the ministry of health solely
and is not as transparently publicized as in the US VAERS system. In other words, the reports are
poured into a black hole, where no one but the ministry of health officials know what is in it, and the
ministry of health alone can decide which of these reports the public will get to see and which not.
The ministry of health’s reporting form appears to be a throwing sand in the eyes of the public, in
order to deceive the citizens, making them believe there is a reporting system, when in practice it is
only an apparent reporting system that does not allow effective follow-up and monitoring of vaccine
side effects.
Moreover, there seems to be no monitoring and tracking of even the most vulnerable populations,
such as pregnant women and the elderly. While in the US, a CDC position paper makes it clear that
the CDC and the FDA have initiated specific systems for tracking and monitoring pregnant women
who end up receiving the vaccine,22 in stark contrast it turns out that in Israel, even for this sensitive
population, there is no monitoring system that will make it possible to track side effects, pregnancy
status, fetal status, and the baby’s condition after birth. According to the ministry of health’s
response to a question sent to it by the Freedom of Information Movement, the ministry does not
have data on the number of pregnant women who received the Pfizer vaccine.23 If the ministry does
not even have data on the number of pregnant women who have been vaccinated, then it is quite
clear that it does not have any data on their condition. This is despite the fact that Israel is the only
country in the world that proactively and comprehensively recommends that all pregnant women be
vaccinated, and even pressures them to do so by applying the green passport policy. And of course,
since the HMO’s medical and COVID vaccination records are digitized, the tracking of the health of

22 Information about COVID-19 Vaccines for People who Are Pregnant or Breastfeeding.
23 The Freedom of Information Movement. (2021). Request for information under the Freedom of Information Act –
Vaccination of pregnant women against the corona virus.


pregnant women who were vaccinated is well within the capabilities of the health authorities. As for
the elderly, the situation is even worse. As part of the national “Shield of Fathers and Mothers” (in
Hebrew – “Magen Avot Ve Imahot”) program, an official reporting system was activated beginning in
April 2020, which published detailed reports on an almost daily basis on cases of corona outbreaks
in nursing homes, hospitalizations and mortality. Surprisingly, on December 29, 2020, of all days, the
day the vaccination campaign began in nursing homes, the publication of the detailed reports was
halted abruptly, and in fact since then no more reports have been made public regarding outbreaks,
hospitalizations or deaths in the nursing homes. Although the “Shield of Fathers and Mothers”
website publishes a presentation every few days, which ostensibly purports to present the current
situation, it does not contain any data on outbreaks, hospitalizations and mortality in nursing
Many people report to us that doctors rule out, in one fell swoop, the possibility that various side
effects are related to the vaccine. We have received reports of hundreds of vaccine victims coming
to hospitals since vaccinations began, many of them with severe side effects, but hospitals refuse to
recognize the link between vaccinations and side effects, although most applicants experienced the
side effects in close proximity to the first or second vaccine, and most experienced new side effects
that were not known before. In addition, from many reports we have received, in some cases the
ministry of health itself has contacted families, whose loved ones have died in close proximity after
the vaccine, and urged them not to report it. Statements that no person in Israel dies from the
vaccine, but only with the vaccine, are heard from senior health officials (Prof. Galia Rahav, March
2021),25 while there is information about hundreds of people in Israel who died very soon after
receiving the vaccine, and also in the world there are reports of approximately 1:30,000-40,000
deaths after the vaccine. This conduct of the ministry of health stands in stark contrast to the
accepted medical codes according to which, unless proven otherwise, deaths and serious illness
caused after receiving any medical treatment should be attributed to the treatment itself.

24 Magen Avot Ve Imahot – Current situation…/care-covid19/daily-reports/


Physicians’ helplessness in treating side effects from the vaccine is probably due to a complete lack
of appropriate guidelines on the part of senior health care administrators, which is negligent at best
or intentional at worst. In particular, we were informed of a document26 published by the ministry of
health to the district physicians on February 2, 2021, which details a long list of 29 serious diagnoses
(including antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE), stroke, acute myocardial infarction, acute
encephalitis, meningitis, pericarditis, myelitis, coagulopathy, acute kidney injury, acute liver injury,
acute respiratory distress syndrome, multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children, and so on and
so forth more severe diagnoses) for the purpose of reporting symptoms close to the COVID vaccine.
However, surprisingly this important document was not distributed to field doctors. Testimonies
from doctors, which have been brought to us, indicate that there is no directive from the ministry of
health for doctors to check the connection between the vaccine and side effects that appear close in
proximity to vaccination. The impression obtained from the evidence is that doctors do not have an
orderly system for monitoring and reporting side effects due to the vaccine. The reporting process is
not simple, and many doctors do not know how to report at all. Therefore, the reporting rates by
physicians are low, and they tend to report only in exceptional cases. Moreover, even when
physicians report the side effect they encounter through the online form, these reports are not made
publicly transparent or even accessible to the physicians themselves. Not only does the ministry of
health not instruct doctors to monitor and report the side effects from the vaccine, we have heard
from several doctors’ testimonies that the ministry of health forbids them from recommending or
giving approval not to vaccinate or to postpone the vaccine. They are obliged to recommend the
vaccine in all cases, regardless of the medical situation or history of their patients.
The ministry of health has never launched an orderly campaign that encourages the public to report
and update on side effects of the vaccine. The lack of such a campaign is especially noticeable in the
context of the intense campaign regarding the need to get vaccinated, which includes intimidation
on the one hand, alongside far-reaching promises on the other. Thus a culture of fear was built among
the public not only around the virus itself but also around the permission and the right to find out
and report side effects from the vaccine. This has led to an unprecedented flood of many thousands
of reports through social media, which seem to be the only platform where people are still allowed

26 Reference 113342221.


to tell what really happened to them. We wonder how such a widespread phenomenon does not
receive any media coverage or any reference from public figures. And just to give a simple and clear
illustration, one example of many thousands, of a message published on social media: “I heard about
a woman in a kibbutz … who was taken really by force, against her will, to get vaccinated. Four days
later she started crashing. She is hospitalized in Soroka [hospital]. Not able to talk or move, receiving
an infusion…monstrous headaches, they found two narrowing blood vessels … vomiting a lot …
sweating a lot … shaking … Before the vaccination she was a very energetic and very happy woman.”
And here is another example of many kinds, and this time it is a transcript of a recorded message
from an employee at the Maccabi HMO emergency center: “I am joining the list of atrocities. I myself
work at the Maccabi emergency center. Hundreds, hundreds of patients arrive after the first or
second vaccination with arrhythmias, with terrible pain in the chest, with pulses reaching the sky,
and many other “blessings”, and everything-everything is from the vaccine. The doctors no longer
relate to it. They say it is a side effect, it will pass, it is only a side effect. I myself observed a 32 years
old woman who came to the emergency center with a kind of a mini-heart attack. She was sent to
the E.R. for inquiry. Her ECG was not in order. Another one, a 17-year-old boy who arrived with
palpitations, two days after the vaccination. He was sent to the E.R. Nobody talks about it. The media
is all about mobilizing the masses to get vaccinated.” Needless to say, we assume, how much the
tendency to deny, hide and ignore the plight of people, who are caught up in side effects statistics,
intensifies human distress and their sense of chaos and anxiety, and certainly does not assist in the
recovery process from the crisis (but perhaps quite the opposite).
We publish our interim conclusions report with the ministry of health data in the background,
according to which there has been a sharp increase in overall mortality data in Israel since the start
of the vaccination with Pfizer. This unfortunate fact is not enough for the ministry of health to stop
the vaccination move immediately and perform an in-depth examination, as required, or at least
bring things to an open public discussion. Examining mortality data released by the ministry of health
in January-February 2021 compared to January-February 2020 raised the committee’s suspicion that
the lack of proper reporting keeps secret “under the radar” the true data that could thwart Pfizer’s
research. According to the overall mortality data in Israel, in January-February 2020 there were 8540
deaths recorded, while in the corresponding months in 2021 there were 9813 deaths recorded – an
increase of 15%. A comparison of the number of deaths recorded in January-February 2021 to the bi-


monthly average number of 8120 deaths recorded in 2020 reflects an even steeper increase of 21%.
In the absence of an examination of the connection between the deaths and the vaccine, can it be
ruled out that it was the vaccine that led to the excess deaths of 1,693 people?
We cannot help but ask ourselves whether executing a mass vaccination operation defined as
experimental in an entire country, in the complete absence of professional and acceptable
infrastructure for monitoring and reporting side effects, is an extreme systemic negligence of the
ministry of health or worse – an act of deliberate concealment, whose aim is to actually assist Pfizer
in avoiding the obligation to report to the FDA any unusual reactions within a month of the vaccine,
whether or not it is ascribed to the vaccine. One way or another, such moves have crucial implications
for the place and form of medical ethics, apparently sacrificed on the altar of the vaccination
campaign, and they might lead to an irreparable disintegration of public confidence in medicine.
Worst of all, allegedly there is a suspicion of criminal activity in these processes, as well as – in a much
more far-reaching way – a major concern over a blatant bias in the results of the vaccine study, which
is currently taking place in Israel, and may soon provide the whole world with a dilapidated and
misleading information base regarding the vaccine’s efficacy and, especially, safety.
IN SHORT: Under an uncontrollable and unbridled urge, which loses any logical consideration and
connection with the public, which completely ignores the overt and known dangers, some people
seek to sacrifice children on the altar of an unsubstantiated scientific idea, and inject them with an
experimental vaccine for a phenomenon from which they are virtually unharmed. We believe that
this is perhaps the most prominent and difficult-to-digest evidence to what an uncontrollable impulse
can lead to if there are no proper means of control to inhibit it, systemically and publicly.
At the time of writing, senior Israeli health officials are voicing their intention to extend the
vaccination campaign to children, despite recent statements about curbing the epidemic due to what
the government calls the “success of the vaccination campaign.” Contrary to our neutral position
regarding the corona vaccine in the adult population, when it comes to the child population, we
present a clear position that strongly opposes the course of giving corona vaccines to children. Even
before we justify our position and delve deeper into the question of the feasibility and safety of such


a move, which is completely unprecedented from a global point of view and from a historical
perspective, we note that the announcements of the authorities, with respect to the expansion of
the corona vaccine campaign for children, join a long line of messages to the public that provoke
mainly anxiety, confusion, uncertainty, and even damage to the trust that citizens have towards the
ministry of health.
It is incomprehensible how the ministry of health conceives the possibility of vaccinating the child
population in Israel against COVID-19, when no study has ever been done examining the safety of
the vaccine in children and the appropriate doses of vaccine to be given to children, and while all
health organizations around the world are reluctant to recommend vaccinating children.27,28 What’s
more, the need to give corona vaccine to children is not at all understandable, since children are not
affected significantly by the coronavirus according to all the information published in the world in
the past year. They are not at risk from this virus, and if they are infected then in the vast majority of
cases it is an asymptomatic course or a mild illness from which recovery is full and speedy. The heads
of the health system do not deny these data, but claim that the achievement of “herd immunity” in
Israel requires vaccinating 90% of the population, and therefore there is no way to avoid vaccinating
The approach presented by the ministry of health, regarding the need to provide corona vaccines to
children, tries to turn an exceptional and controversial medical conception into a policy. This
approach, which is rooted in the unprecedented notion of trying to achieve herd immunity via
vaccination, completely ignores the fact that herd immunity is usually achieved due to natural
infection of a sufficient number of people, and by the subsequent immune system’s reaction against
it, which increases the level of immunity in the public above the threshold needed to prevent the
virus from further spreading in the population. This idea of a “medical herd immunity” is an

27 FDA. (2020). Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine. Letter of Authorization.
28 World Health Organization policy recommendations regarding the Pfizer vaccine:–
29 Efrati, I. (2021). Israel Faces Next Major COVI Challenge: Vaccinating 600,000 Teens Under 16.


expression of a worldview, according to which the natural immune system must be equipped with
external technological tools, on a regular basis, in order for it to be able to deal with the virus in
question. This is a controversial idea, which has prompted scientific critiques, and in particular we
have received opinionsfrom experts who claim that such a medical intervention may actually weaken
the natural immune system on the long run and make it less effective.
Moreover, and as noted above, the evidence in Israel and around the world points to a long list of
adverse events, some of which are even life-threatening or cause significant morbidity, which
appeared soon after receiving the vaccine, including in healthy young adults and adolescents. So the
idea of vaccinating children against a disease that does not endanger them at all, bypasses natural
herd immunity mechanisms, at the cost of taking the terrible and inconceivable risk of exposing
children to mild to severe side effects that may even endanger their lives, is both unnecessary and
unacceptable. If we extrapolate from global post-vaccination mortality data among the adult
population to children in Israel, then we are talking about approximately one hundred children who
– God forbid – are likely to die as a result of the vaccine and thousands of children who are going to
suffer from side effects that will severely harm their health and quality of life.
The mind cannot tolerate the possibility that this is the kind of move that seeks, from a scientific
model whose evidentiary ground is unclear, to sacrifice children on the altar of a moot idea of herd
immunity achieved through medical means, without which we would seemingly never exit from the
corona crisis. We are astonished by the manipulative messages of the ministry of health, which instill
in parents in the State of Israel the sensation that they are allegedly compelled to vaccinate their
children, otherwise the journey of isolations and restrictions will never end, irresponsibly ignoring
the enormous risks to the safety of children. At the same time, many other countries, with a lower
immunization rate than in Israel, have already emerged from the perception of the pandemic or from
the need for heavy restrictions and prohibitions. We see in recent messages from the “breeding
ground” of the Israeli health system, such as the ministry of health’s advertisement that your sweet
child might kill a neighbor or statements by medical experts that unvaccinated children are a ticking
time bomb (Prof. Yehuda Adler, March 2021),30 wild incitement against children that the mind cannot
bear. In every society in the world, from the enlightened to the most tribal, except in exceptional and



esoteric cases, the natural rule of life and evolution is that everything must be done to protect
children first and foremost and ensure their safety, sometimes protecting children at the expense of
putting the adult population at risk, if necessary, and never vice versa. We ask ourselves how it is that
we have reached a point where the idea of evolutionary reversal is perceived as legitimate.
IN SHORT: Things seen from here are not seen from there…
For about a year now I have been trying to understand the new reality created here in the wake of
the corona crisis. I research, read and try to understand the motives and considerations behind the
leadership’s decisions. Over and over, I am surprised by the guidelines that I perceive as lacking any
medical or epidemiological logic.
The whole Crisis Management Guidelines for dealing with a pandemia in Israel were completely
abandoned, and have been replaced by frantic and irresponsible conduct, ostensibly in the name of
protecting the elderly population. During the year, guidelines were received to reduce medical visits
to monitor the elderly population, to keep the grandchildren away from grandmothers and
grandfathers, to cancel seniors’ stay in day clubs and for seniors to avoid leaving home, which caused
many to deteriorate into heavy feelings of despair and depression, with severe damage to their
vitality, cognitive ability, functional and emotional state. In hospitals, there was a greater tendency
to release patients to their homes from the emergency room and from the hospitals, even before the
completion of their recovery process and before family members and the medical community system
could organize or prepare for their return. The burden on the family members increased, as some of
the caregivers were forbidden to enter the elderly homes. Expensive manpower and enormous
financial resources have been diverted from treating patients to dealing with tens of thousands of
asymptomatic corona-verified, who do not need treatment at all.
The guidelines we as physicians receive with respect to the criteria for performing corona tests and
regarding the treatment of corona patients are confusing, full of contradictions, and mostly are
changed every now and then, and there is no way to follow them. It is not clear to me what has been
done with my reports of significant medical events after the vaccine. For sure, they do not appear in
the reports of side effects at the ministry of health website. In the resulting vacuum, the knowledge
about the side effects of the vaccine is spread by word of mouth on social media instead of reaching


the medical community in an orderly manner. We doctors are not instructed to report side effects
from the vaccine and neither are we getting updates on possible side effects. There is no simple
system for reporting side effects from the vaccine, and many doctors and patients do not know how
to report them. As far as I’m concerned, the ministry of health, which is in charge of maintaining
public health, does not perform its role of protecting the public and controlling medical preparations
and balancing all the necessary components of health and well-being in the broadest and holistic
Having said all this, it is important for me to mention the medical caregivers in the field – the doctors,
nurses, social workers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, nutritionists, communication
clinicians, and the clerical staff. All of them did their best and beyond to provide the patients with
answers and access to medical service, equipment and medicines. My direct medical managers have
devoted a lot of time and thought to keep an eye on the medical staff, thinking of solutions and
providing a response for patients and medical staff alike, amid this difficult storm.
In light of all the data and evidence we have been exposed to, so far, as detailed above, we have
arrived at the conclusion that the uncontrollable impulse of the state leadership, on the one hand,
and the pharmaceutical industry, on the other, to vaccinate the entire Israeli population, led to a
process of spin, which might be criminal and is certainly unethical. This is a spin that has exposed
Israeli citizens to significant risks, imposed civil wrongs that have affected all spheres of life, and also
substantially damaged the foundations of democracy and the social texture of Israel.
The term “criminal spin,” which in our opinion best describes the storm in which we have found
ourselves in Israel in the shadow of the corona crisis, is drawn from the literature in criminology.31,32
It is a term that describes the process of development of a behavior that is considered criminal. The
spin process begins with all those marginal behaviors that are commonly seen as innocent, not too
harmful, lacking malice aforethought. But as time passes, little by little, one behavior leads to
another, one crisis chases another crisis, a reaction produces a counter-reaction, and another one,

31 Bensimo, M., and Ronel, N. (2012). The flywheel effect of intimate partner violence: A victim – perpetrator interactive
spin. Aggression and Viloent Behavior 17: 423-429.
32 Ronel, N. (2010)From a criminal spin unto positive criminology. Galileo 140:44-49.


so that a process of erosion and escalation is generated, culminating in a spin of ever-intensifying
criminal behavior. At its peak, the split gets to the point of loss of control, both of the one, who is at
the center of the spin and responsible for its occurrence, and of those around him. Many times the
sense of capability of the one, who generated the criminal spin, gets amplified over time, growing
from one action to the next, until it crystallizes into an omnipotent feeling, leading to unbridled and
unstoppable behavior that considers all means as fit for achieving the goal. At the same time, the
creator of the spin gradually loses the ability to see the other, to take care of the other, and to
experience empathy. As the criminal spin process progresses, the feelings of threat and danger
intensify in the person, who is responsible for its occurrence, and these in turn create a sense of
existential necessity to carry out actions that harm the surroundings out of self-defense. Sadly, it is
not only the perpetrator who drives the criminal spinning process, but the victims too often make a
crucial contribution to enhancing the criminal spinning, as the victims tend to be blown away by the
erroneous illusion that they can free themselves from the perpetrator’s control if only they satisfy
the perpetrator’s desires and yearnings. Thereby, the victims assist the perpetrator, in a paradoxical
way, to tighten even more the control over them. The phenomenon of criminal spin exists also among
groups, organizations, society or even the entire culture. A criminal spin among an entire society is
sometimes exacerbated by the creation of a false, pseudo-scientific, consensus that drags into the
spin individuals in society who do not have access to other evidence and information sources.
Criminologists argue that spin elements, such as those described above, can be found in the vast
majority of criminal behaviors.
Already in our initial stages of inquiry, and with the assistance of criminology experts who are
members of our committee, we have had the fear that the chaotic and gloomy turmoil we
encountered in Israel with the background of the corona crisis, is characterized, unfortunately, by
many similarities to the phenomena of criminal spin. This initial apprehension has been intensified
as our investigative processes deepened. We get the sad impression that perhaps the citizens of Israel
were trapped as victims in a whirlwind that can be viewed as an allegorical representation of a
criminal spin triggered by the uncontrollable impulse to vaccinate them, an impulse that is shared by
the Israeli government and the pharmaceutical industry. If our hypothesis is true about the
resemblance of contemporary reality in the State of Israel to the phenomenon of criminal spin, then
the citizens of the country regretfully and sadly have been contributing their share to intensifying the


spin, in which they were caught through no fault of their own. In false hope of escaping the whirlwind,
their submissive behavior ironically accelerates the intensity of the whirlwind and leverages it, as it
allows the government to increase its grip and control over the citizens and degrade their situation
to a new low again and again. This spin, into which the Israeli public finds itself caught up in, is
accelerated even more and becomes a real vortex through the spiral of silence created by the media’s
collaboration with the dictated pseudo-consensus – a vortex that feeds itself and intensifies,
swallowing all the criticisms and warnings of professionals, doctors, scientists, lawyers and concerned
The spin, in which we – the people of Israel – are trapped in, has led to the disintegration of all the
systems of the country, whose role is to protect and serve the citizens. In the resulting vacuum, in
which the citizens of the country are forced to work out for themselves, slowly began to seep into
the public the understanding that the cure for all the (health, moral, social, economic) ills, which were
brought by the spin of the corona, must arrive from the people. It is therefore not surprising that
more and more initiatives have begun appearing all of a sudden, developed by the public and aimed
at helping the public.
As part of our investigation, we have sought to uncover the reasons for the spin we encountered,
with the intention of initiating a process of exposure, change, correction and recovery. All the findings
that have accumulated so far from our investigative processes indicate the urgency, not to mention
the immediacy, of our public struggle, and that of other groups coming from the Israeli public, to stop
the spin and return the lives of the people of Israel to sanity. We are working to deepen the processes
of investigation and exposure, while continuing a determined struggle on all fronts. We promise to
update you regularly on all our findings and the fruits of our activity.


Dr. Pinki Feinstein, psychiatrist
Adv. Irit Yankovich, lawyer
Dr. Galit Zapler Naor, physician
Dr. Yaffa Shir Raz, health and risk communication researcher
Prof. Eti Einhorn, economics researcher
Prof. Natti Ronel, criminology researcher
Dr. Ety Elisha, criminology researcher


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