by godfrey via

The timing of the genocide has been perfect it really has. (Perhaps a little rushed in my opinion) But the real pandemic is selfishness. The self-centred nature of people is in itself a disease of massive impact. We only care about ourselves and if it affects us directly. If we have to murder a few people by lethal injection like many doctors and nurses today well we are just making a living. Don’t get angry with me – I refuse to feel guilty because Bill Gates is worse! Well actually most people think he is a saint – I read an article on our government owned propaganda machine which said he does not understand how people make up stuff about him. He is innocent – just like Satan is.

Have you heard of the city of Angels? Well I live in the city of arse holes. People here could not give the slightest for anyone except themselves. You probably think my city is worse. Well you have never been here before and I have never been where you are too. OK let’s call it a draw.

If I bring up vaccine deaths people honestly could not care and do not even bat an eye lid – oh I am crazy of course but they will not consider the possibility and only read main stream media (MSM). In Australia Astra Zeneca is still OK while in Europe 20+ countries have suspended it because of the small side affected called death. OH that is not our problem because no-one close to me has died! However the whole idea of me raising it is so they do not have to experience that.

In Australia no-one died of the virus and there was no pandemic! Seriously where are all the dead people hiding? I have seen stories and heard of someone affected via MSM but have not met anyone who actually lost anyone from the alleged illness or even anyone they know. (In A court of law the evidence would be laughed at just like those who crafted all this do at us!) In a real pandemic we should all have a terrible story to share. However the only sad story people care about in my city is why they did not get a pay rise or what happened to traffic this morning. Again the selfishness makes me almost feel like throwing up many days.

I can walk around at work and say hello to someone but they will just look at me like I was piece of crap and not even bother to answer as I cannot offer them anything that will help them so why should they bother to even acknowledge my existence. (I am being completely open and honest here) You just feel like an outsider and this makes me bristle and angers me. The strange thing is when the same people want something from you they are so engaging but I know it is all an act like a TV drama because when the shyte hits the fan they will throw you under a bus without hesitation. (Hey that is just where I work) I am a ghost, not politically connected and have strong views and cannot be manipulated easily so I get zero invites to anything other then what the need me at.

You know the funny thing about all of what I have said? They have no idea they are evening doing it. They have no sense on what is coming down the track – a massive diesel locomotive that will come with such unstoppable momentum that it will obliterate all in its path. I can hear people screaming –

  • No one told me! – Oh yes we did but you just ignored and shunned us.
  • I am hurting so much – Yes like you have been hurting me and all those around you that tried.
  • I have lost everything – You laughed at me when I suggested alternatives.
  • How could this happen? – The information was in front of your face and we all tried to gently nudge you towards it but you labelled us anti this and anti that!
  • It is your fault! – This is the one we are all looking forward to and would be a chant in my city as no-one takes responsibility for anything here. Just blame the nearest target. Well unfortunately this one will not work as many thousands will all be looking for someone to blame and none will appear. The government? Sure thing they will disappear like a puff of smoke down their secrets tunnels.

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