Trudeau Moves to Install Guaranteed Basic Income in Canada right On Que

We posted a story last year on the 18th of October about “Is this leaked info really Trudeau’s crazy COVID plan for 2021? You decide …” Every thing in that road map as crazy as it sounded back then has come true according to the dates given barring a secondary virus COVID-21 that cannot be ruled out as we have been warned by Bill Gates and others that the big one is still coming. Canada and the world are heading full steam ahead in lock step with the World Economic Forum and UN s Agenda 30/ Climate Change Agenda. We have a difficult time ahead. However there is so much hope as people are seeing this agenda for what it is and are resisting to it. We have the best Scientists, lawyers, economists , doctors and many others with world class accolades that are fighting on our behalf. The time has come for people to make there voices heard and to set an example to others by non compliance. All it takes is to start talking to those around you and in your communities and the rest will fall into place. Be brave and remember you are not alone.

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