Fifth International Public Conference on Vaccinations-51 Selected Speakers.

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51 Selected Speakers.

This conference features video presentations by 51 selected speakers, award presentations, a special guest appearance, and a film documentary and was originally broadcast over a three day and evening period. Biographical information is included in the introductions of speakers before each presentation.

This conference was organized to be an educational event and you are encouraged to follow the conference agenda and view presentations in sequential order. This will allow you to experience the conference as it was originally broadcast.

Originally A Pay-for-View Conference, Now Free Access. Tickets to view NVIC’s first online conference broadcast in October 2020 were $80 ($60 Early Bird discount) and included lifetime access to presentations. More than 3,000 people registered and viewed the conference broadcast in October 2020, and attendees came from every state in the U.S., as well as from Canada, Australia, Europe, Asia and Africa.

In November and December 2020, conference presentations only could be viewed by those who registered and previously purchased tickets for the conference. However, in light of a public attack launched by a UK company in late December 2020, which created false and misleading information about NVIC’s conference, which was disseminated by major U.S. news outlets, on Feb. 2, 2021 NVIC opened up this conference website and all video presentations for free viewing.

​Session 1 

“Show Us the Science” 

The quality and quantity of the science being used to buttress public health policy and law in the 21 st century, particularly vaccine policy and law, has been debated since the mid-20th century when serious adverse reactions to whole-cell pertussis (DPT) vaccine were acknowledged in the medical literature and publicized in Europe and the U.S. This 2020 conference, like the four previous public conferences on vaccination sponsored by NVIC between 1997 and 2009, features presentations by scientists, physicians, and health professionals examining vaccine science policy, law, and ethics. Multidisciplinary Approach.

During Session 1 of this conference, scientific information is provided by speakers with expertise in biology and bioinorganic chemistry; pediatrics, immunology, and molecular genetics, physics, health research methods, pharmaceutical policy, family practice, internal medicine, pathology and molecular diagnostics, molecular and cellular physiology, pharmacology, immunotoxicology, and microbiology. Speakers discuss vaccine ingredients, monitoring vaccine side effects, epidemiology of SARS-Cov-2, development of COVID-19 vaccines, flaws in clinical trial designs, pharmaceutical product marketing, HPV vaccine risk factors, use of human fetal cell lines to produce and test vaccines, research into the reported association between inflammation, epigenetics and autism, and how human health is affected by the microbiome.

Before Session 1 begins, NVIC co-founder and president Barbara Loe Fisher opens the conference with a Welcome to attendees. She gives an overview of the conference and offers perspective on the need to defend autonomy and the legal right to exercise informed
consent to vaccination.

Welcome: Barbara Loe Fisher, Co-founder & President National Vaccine Information Center

Aluminum Toxicity and Human Health 

Chris Exley, PhD 

Redefining Vaccine Reactions to Erase Evidence of Harm 

Jacob Puliyel, MD 

Immune-Mediated Vaccine Adverse Events and Personalized Medicine

​Dolores Cahill, PhD

From Masking to Mortality Rates: COVID-19 and What the Science Tells Us               

Denis Rancourt, PhD

The New Technologies Driving the Creation of COVID-19 Vaccines

Vicky Pebsworth, PhD, RN

Consensus Is not science, and science never settled 

Alan Cassels

Manipulating Science to Endorse Policy and Market Products (Doctoring Data)             

Malcolm Kendrick, MD 

From Anthrax Vaccine to Covid-19: What You Need to Know About One Company

Making Coronavirus Vacci​nation

Meryl Nass, MD 

Risks and Failures of HPV Vaccines for Cervical Cancer Prevention 

Sin Hang Lee, MD

Using Human Fetal Cells to Make Vaccines 

Theresa Deisher, PhD

Inflammation, Epigenetics and Autism: Lessons for COVID-19 Vaccines                         

Richard Deth, PhD 

Why the Microbiome Matters  

Rodney Dietert, PhD  

U.S. Vaccine Legislation and Vaccine Freedom Of Choice Advocacy 

Dawn Richardson 

A Victory and a Loss for Vaccine Informed Consent Rights in Colorado 

Theresa Wrangham

Vaccine Legislation and Grassroots Advocacy in Florida

Tony Krehel, AP and Andrea Nastelli, DC

The Challenge of Virginia’s Changing Vaccine Laws   

Kathi Williams and Carolyn Hendler, JD

Federal Vaccine Advisory Committees and Failure to Fulfill the 1986 Congressional Mandate 

Theresa Wrangham 

Preserving Vaccine Choice in Canada 

Ted Kuntz and Rocco Galati

The European Experience with Mandatory Vaccination 

Kris Gaublomme, MD



Session 2 

U.S. and International Vaccine Choice Advocacy

Over the past four decades but, especially, during the 21st century, the pharmaceutical, medical trade and public health industries in partnerships with Big Tech companies and global communications corporations have stepped up lobbying efforts to eliminate flexible medical, religious and conscientious belief vaccine exemptions in public health laws. The debate about the science and ethics of mandatory vaccination has become more intense in the past decade as citizens of many countries push back against one-size-fits-all vaccine policies that apply increasingly more severe societal sanctions to individuals, who maintain that use of vaccines should be voluntary.

Vaccine Laws Reviewed. Session 2 at this conference reviews vaccine laws in the U.S., Canada and Europe and how inflexible vaccine mandates impact the lives of people. Speakers discuss the ways in which grassroots vaccine safety and informed consent movements are responding to threats to autonomy and freedom of thought, speech, and conscience with educational, legislative and civil court initiatives to defend the legal right to exercise voluntary, informed consent to vaccine risk taking.

Session 3 

The Paradigm Shift To Health & Liberty

The vaccine safety and informed consent movements in the U.S. and other countries have developed alongside other grassroots movements that began in the middle of the 20th century, such as social reform, environmental and holistic health movements that focused on civil and human rights, protection of the environment from industrial toxins and non-pharmaceutical options for healing and staying well. As the education level of populations is increasing in the U.S. and throughout the world, so is easier access to scientific, medical, legal and other types of information that consumers can use to make informed choices. Recent public opinion polls demonstrate that more people are asking more questions about the quality and quantity of the science being used to buttress medical policies, which rely almost exclusively on use of prescription drugs and vaccines. 

Challenging the Status Quo: Medical and holistic health professionals are challenging the vaccine and drug dependent medical model as the sole option for preventing and treating illness. Attorneys are challenging the pharmaceutical industry and educational and law enforcement systems.  Spiritual leaders and human rights activists are holding institutions accountable for eroding cultural values and beliefs and for violating freedom of religion and other civil liberties.

Presentations, Achievement Awards, Guest Appearance, Movie. Session 3 of this conference “The Paradigm Shift to Health & Liberty” features physicians who defend informed consent rights and have been sanctioned for exercising professional judgment and conscience; representatives of different faiths; holistic health leaders; a best selling author and an environmental protection activist; constitutional law and product liability attorneys; and a keynote presentation on “Defending Life and Liberty in the Vaccine Culture War.”

Session 3 ends with presentations of two NVIC Lifetime Achievement Awards to holistic health pioneer Dr. Joseph Mercola and posthumously to Jeanne Ohm, D.C., of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association; a guest appearance by actor and civil rights activist Rob Schneider; and a showing of the award-winning 2011 documentary The Greater Good, a character-driven movie that features interviews with families with vaccine-injured children, doctors, scientists and vaccine safety and health freedom activists.

Why Homeschooling Is Under Attack and What You Can Do 

Michael Farris, JD 

Respecting Life and Guarding Your Soul 

Rabbi Michoel Green 

Rejecting the Culture of Death to Embrace the Sanctity of Life 

Bishop Joseph Strickland 

The Moral Right to Exercise Freedom of Conscience 

Fr. Michael Copenhagen 

The Role of Freedom of Conscience for Martin Luther and the Protestant Religion               

Eric Metaxas 

The Shrinking Medical Vaccine Exemption Handcuffs Doctors & Increases Vaccine Risks     

Stephanie Christner, DO

Why and How Vaccine Mandates Violate the Ethical and Legal Right to  Informed Consent 

Alvin Moss, MD 

The Physician’s Duty: First, Do No Harm  

Larry Palevsky, MD  

When Public Policy Invalidates Professional Judgment 

Bob Sears, MD 

Since When Did It Become A Crime To Support the Immune System? 

David Brownstein, MD 

Censoring Freedom of Speech: If It Can Happen to Me, It Can Happen to Anyone 

Scott Jensen, MD

Vitalism and Chiropractic on the Front Lines 

Guy Riekeman, DC  

Grassroots Rising  Ronnie Cummins

How to Take Back Control of Your Health  

Joe Mercola, DO  

Defending Life and Liberty in the Vaccine Culture War 

Barbara Loe Fisher  

 Presentation of NVIC Lifetime Achievement Awards 

Pharmaceutical Companies Must Be Held Legally Accountable for Vaccine Injuries & Death                                                                          Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. ​​

Special Guest

What Veterinary Science Tells Us About Animal Vaccines 

Odette Suter, DVM

What Has Happened to the  Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)? 

Steven Rubin, PhD

Raising Healthy Families The 100 Year Lifestyle Way 

Eric Plasker, DC 

Electronic Health Care Records: Tracking You From Birth to Death 

Twila Brase, RN, PHN 

Adult Vaccine Mandates: They’re Coming After You Next 

Sherri Tenpenny, DO 

Battlefield America: Locking Down Civil Liberties in the  Name of the Public Health  

John Whitehead, JD  

The 5 Reasons You Might Want to Avoid a COVID-19 Vaccine 

Del Bigtree 

Under the Influence: The Vaccine Mandate Lobby Influencing State Legislatures             

Heidi Sampson

Tyranny of the Experts: Who’s Fact Checking the Fact Checkers? 

Marco Caceres 

Psychological Warfare in the COVID-19 Era 

Andrew Kaufman, MD 

Knowledge is Power    Kevin Jenkins

Doctors Guilty of Medical Atrocities: From Auschwitz to Tuskeegee, Willowbrook and Beyond  

Vera Sharav

Past Is Prologue: What the History of the 1986 Act Reveals 

Andrew Wakefield, MD 

When Mothers are Silenced, Children Suffer 

Sheila Ealey, PhD 

Close: Barbara Loe Fisher, Co-founder & President National Vaccine Information Center

Session 4 

Growing Our Grassroots Advocacy

A continuation of the scientific, medical, legal, ethical and holistic health themes that were explored in the previous three sessions, Session 4 of this conference features speakers discussing issues that inform grassroots vaccine safety and choice advocacy.

From Animal Vaccines, Medical Privacy and Adult Vaccine Mandates to Propaganda, Vaccine Liability Shields and Medical Atrocities. Topics covered in this session include animal vaccines; how to access and interpret information contained in the federal vaccine adverse event reporting system; the threat to medical privacy and informed consent rights posed by electronic health care records and vaccine tracking systems; the expansion of vaccine mandates to include adults; strategies used by mandatory vaccination proponents in state legislatures; COVID-19 vaccines; propaganda and psychological warfare; urban community education and organizing; historical examples of medical atrocities; vaccine product liability shields and the untold story of why and how the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act was passed and then systematically dismantled.

Session 4 ends with a plea by the mother of an adult vaccine injured son for public recognition of the suffering of vaccine injured children and their families, and a brief Close by NVIC’s co-founder and president.

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  1. What happened to the presentation: From Masking to Mortality Rates: COVID-19 and What the Science Tells Us by Denis Rancourt, PhD??


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