A Critical Review of CDC USA Data on Covid-19: PCR/Antigen Tests & Cases Reveal Herd Immunity Only, & Do Not Warrant Public Hysteria or Lockdowns


Basic annual all-cause deaths data, when reviewed in light of a claimed Covid19 pandemic and decadal expectations from annual increases in population
growth, revealed no overall surge in USA deaths for 2020. Age-specific
analysis also failed to confirm any significant increase in Covid-19 deaths
among populations of high-risk elderly 65+ years as compared to all-cause
deaths within the same demographic. The Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC)
“daily confirmed-case and confirmed-deaths” data on Covid-19 were also
reviewed as plotted together on the same ordinate scale, along the vertical axis,
revealing a less frightening perspective of daily confirmed death numbers from
the claimed “pandemic” than is usually reported on “official science” and media
websites with graphical and numerical exaggerations. Daily death/case ratios
failed to affirm any significant growth or spread of an expected deadly viral
pandemic, except for the initial period of March-April 2020, which quickly
subsided. These direct reviews of the official CDC data, formulated within the
existing paradigm of a claimed deadly SARS-CoV-2 virus and Covid-19
disease, expose multiple contradictions to basic causality and logic. Problems
in PCR/Antigen tests and electron-microscopy for specific identification of
SARS-CoV-2 are exposed, indicating cross-reactivity and confusions with other
corona viruses and their DNA/RNA fragments, along with antibodies to them.
The claimed Covid-19 tests thereby do not appear specific to the living SARSCoV-2 virus, which is why lab-confirmed cases among asymptomatic people
have soared to dramatically high numbers, while lab-confirmed deaths have not.
Other contradictions in CDC data were identified, and can best be understood as
deaths from ordinary seasonal respiratory disorders such as influenza or
pneumonia being inappropriately reclassified as Covid-19. Soaring “case”
numbers therefore would reflect herd immunity only, possibly as early as May
of 2020. These conclusions are not confined to the USA data, but appear global.

Conclusions and Recommendations

The various issues raised above – trends in population and deaths, incongruent
case-death data, seasonal variations, similarities and overlaps in clinical
diagnoses between what is influenza or pneumonia versus what is Covid-19
disease, electron micrograph puzzles and PCR/Antigen testing inaccuracies –
lead us to an “impertinent” question, an “outrageous hypothesis”, which when
taken seriously has always been of great value in science and medicine. This
hypothesis, supported by abundant facts, appears to explain all the variations
and evidence characteristic of this Covid-19 epidemic of error and hysteria:
Is this current “pandemic” one large error of misdiagnoses,
an error of categories, of book-keeping, of inaccurate PCR
and antigen tests, where seasonal influenza, pneumonia, colds
and various upper and lower respiratory disorders are being
misidentified as Covid-19? And once so “diagnosed” people
are not given less expensive, proven remedies for those
“lesser conditions and diseases”, but instead are given toxic
meds and put through a hellish set of abusive treatments in
hospitals which wreak havoc upon human biology, worsening
symptoms and making death more probable?
Some have commented on this factor of shifting diagnoses, as a difference
between those who die of a SARS-CoV-2 infection specifically, versus those
who die with SARS-CoV-2. And that includes many people with influenza or
pneumonia, or related COPD, congestive heart disease, etc., who then “test
positive” for Covid-19. But that equation assumes the SARS-CoV-2 virus is a
real and toxic entity, an assumption which, when put under critical scrutiny of
its central claims, appears inadequate, or just plain wrong. In such a situation as
described above, the death is recorded in both the “P&I” (pneumonia and
influenza) category, as well as in the “PIC” (pneumonia, influenza and Covid19) category, and is counted primarily as a death by Covid-19, no matter what
kinds of deadly diseases or disorders they already had, and which were already
taking them down into a death spiral. One can do a basic internet search for
“died from cancer and Covid-19” or “TB and covid” or “diabetes and covid” or
even “hip injury and Covid-19” and find numerous memoriam articles where
Covid-19 was inappropriately placed on death certificates by physicians, to the
alarm or confusion of the relatives of the dead. So what really killed those
people? And do those deaths get double-counted in both Covid-19 and allcause categories, thereby pushing upwards the death counts in both?
From all the above discussions, these additional summary points can be made:

  • Covid-19 cases have soared only due to millions of unnecessary PCR/Antigen
    tests being undertaken on the generally healthy and asymptomatic population,
    primarily revealing herd immunity.
  • While Covid-19 tests and cases have soared, neither are correlated to, or
    predict the much smaller number of Covid-19 deaths. Covid-19 death/case
    ratios were at a high level initially, when PCR/Antigen tests were isolated to
    those in hospitals, but those ratios declined rapidly thereafter when laboratory
    tests were applied to asymptomatic people. Covid-19 PCR/Antigen tests have
    thereby shown to have No Predictive Value, which is the hallmark of a bad
    scientific theory.
  • While Covid-19 laboratory tests do, by circular reasoning, generally predict
    Covid-19 cases, that is as far as it goes. From such test results, one cannot say
    who will or will not get sick, or who will or will not die, aside from possible
    psychosomatic alarm and upset due to an hysterically presumed “Covid-19
    Death Sentence”. As such, the entire theoretical basis of a new and unique
    “Covid-19 pandemic” appears as only an artificial diagnostic and theoretical
    construct. People are dying, but ought to be diagnosed according to pre-Covid19 symptomology.
  • The numbers of all-cause deaths in the USA over the period from 2010
    through the end of 2020, show the same approximate annual increases, of
    around 46,000 average added deaths per year, due to population growth alone.
    The largest numbers of deaths are concentrated among high-risk elderly in their
    end-of-life years. That natural increase in all-death numbers in 2020 is
    frequently being ignored, or is ignorantly blamed on Covid-19.
  • The medical symptoms of Covid-19 considerably overlap with those of
    ordinary upper and lower respiratory problems, such as influenza and
    pneumonia, further suggesting significantly high percentages of claimed Covid19 infections are in fact influenza or pneumonia, or other known respiratory
    diseases and disorders.
  • Deaths by pneumonia and influenza are being deliberately mixed up with
    Covid-19 deaths in some government health agencies, suggesting they may be
    double-counted in both Covid-19 and all-causes categories, thereby magnifying
    the numbers of Covid-19 deaths, even without lowering the influenza and
    pneumonia deaths.
  • Winter seasonality of Covid-19 deaths affirms a relationship to standard
    influenza and pneumonia, as well as other maladies that are exacerbated by cold
    wet weather. Possible mis-diagnosis of those conditions and diseases as Covid19 is thereby strongly indicated by this one factor alone.
  • PCR testing for Covid-19 is highly error-prone due to the intrinsic high
    sensitivity of that method, especially when the numbers of cycles on PCRtesting machinery are set too high. PCR test methods react to many things,
    including dead virus, non-living viral DNA/RNA fragments, and antibodies
    created by healthy people who are no longer at risk of the disease, or of
    spreading it. Antigen tests also cross-react with such things, but lesser so.
  • Electron microscopy does not reveal any clearly specific image of SARSCoV-2, the virus blamed for Covid-19, and cannot be easily distinguished from
    other corona viruses.
  • Numerous studies have shown that mask-wearing and lockdowns do not result
    in fewer deaths. Instead, a large number of people are dying due to
    consequences of ruthless and insane lockdowns: suicides, drug overdoses,
    alcoholism, with increases in depression, addictions, family violence, and other
    horrors. Those factors are being totally ignored by the “experts in power”
    during this claimed but as yet unproven viral pandemic.
  • From all the above factors, the high positive PCR/Antigen test rates therefore
    indicate Herd Immunity Only, and not any growing infectious pandemic, be it
    one of a new malady Covid-19, or older diseases and disorders gathered
    inappropriately into a new and artificial “Covid-19” category.
  1. Given the abundant evidence against the generalized “Covid-19 pandemic”,
    there must be a total end to forced lockdowns and masking, immediately, with
    efforts to save the economic basis of normal healthy human life! The economic
    and social devastation from Covid-19 hysteria and lockdowns has its own
    seriously harmful effects upon the public health.
  2. Intelligent protections of the elderly and at-risk should continue, but without
    the strictly punitive, sadistic and cruel “protections” such as isolation wards,
    forced masking and removal from families. Outdoor exposure to natural
    sunlight and fresh air is a live-enhancing remedy all by itself.
  3. Proven but suppressed remedies for all kinds of respiratory diseases, such as
    high-dose Vitamin C, Vitamin D, zinc supplements, hydroxychloroquine and
    other inexpensive, out-of-patent medicines must be fully legalized and made
    legally secure for over-the-counter purchase and use. Or at minimum, without
    prosecution or slander of physicians who choose to use them for treatment of
    their patients. There should also be a decisive end to medical-pharmaceutical
    media advertisements as was the case in prior decades.
  4. With such proven remedies, there is no need for expensive pharmaceuticals
    or risky untested vaccines, which should remain optional and voluntary only.
  5. We must quickly return to the “old normal” not merely for reasons of public
    health, but also to protect and restore our Constitutional Republic and the
    liberties and freedoms which are being systematically stolen from everyone by
    power-drunk politicians, pharmaceutical robbers, and medical bureaucrats.
  6. The critical data analysis in this paper has predominantly addressed the
    situation in the USA. However, by rational extension, the critical points and
    conclusions presented here are applicable for all world regions, as they go to the
    basic question of scientifically-defendable causality, or the lack thereof.
  7. The public must be alerted to this serious situation of emotionally-plagued
    medical, media and academic misreporting, where contrary rational voices are
    censored and the public is being misled and driven into unnecessary panic and
    self-destructive actions, to include lockdowns, masking, anti-social distancing,
    economic collapse and bankruptcy, treating friends and relatives like lepers,
    keeping children away from school, or placing them into plastic cages as if they
    were laboratory rats, and many similar alarmingly Medieval and fractious
    conduct. None of it is rational, or necessary. It is social suicide, in which “top”
    levels of sadistic, irrational and arrogant politicians, bureaucrats and medical
    officials are leading entire nations over a cliff.
  8. The issues surrounding Covid-19 and the related public health are not the
    exclusive province or domain of medical “experts”. The entire population is
    being put at high risk by ineffective and unscientific claims, the advocates of
    which formulate never-ending new laws demanding obedience from the general
    public – to accept orders from the Big State, to lock down, to wear masks, to
    anti-socially distance, to keep children out of school, to allow their businesses
    to shutter down into bankruptcy, and a hundred other things with deadly
    consequences. Governors and police forces have been empowered to enforce
    public health measures of a highly unscientific and totalitarian nature.


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