“US Hit By Massive Cyber Attack Of ‘NIGHTMARE PROPORTIONS’ – US in Grave, Grave Danger!” — Cyber Expert Morgan Wright Reveals Frightening Extent of Latest Cyber Attack (VIDEO)

via Gateway pundit

Former Senior State Department Advisor and Cybersecurity Expert Morgan Wright was on Lou Dobbs last night.  He discussed the cyber attack that was recently perpetrated on the American people. 

Wright insists this was like a prelude to war!

Cybersecurity expert Morgan Wright was on Lou Dobbs last night and discussed the recent cyber attack that hit the US which is likely the biggest attack in US history.  Hackers inserted malware into SolarWinds software updates, which impact thousands of companies in the US.  Many companies, including the industrial-military complex companies, were impacted when the culprits unleashed their attack.

Lou Dobbs said he doesn’t remember the cyber community ever saying an attack was of “grave, grave danger” and that the Department of Homeland Security has no capacity to stop it.

Here are portions of what Wright said in response:

Any time you call a meeting on Saturday in the National Security Counsel it’s serious.  This is almost like a prelude to war!  … Not only were the government agencies hit, we got Lockheed Martin, we’ve got Firerite…this very well could have started after the 2018 election…. this is Russia’s way of getting back in the game… they attacked… SolarWinds…the updates weren’t secure but they contained a malicious payload… it could be hundreds, it could be thousands of companies.

The companies in the military – industrial complex – were attacked.  This looks like what Russia did to Ukraine in 2016.

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