Season Two of COVID Mania Begins

“Public health experts” are doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.

By Jordan Schachtel

The COVID-19 hysteria cycle has come full circle. 

Respiratory sickness season is around the corner, and with the rise in related illnesses has come a rise in detected COVID cases. Case counts are growing across the United States, especially in areas of the country that are seeing colder weather, and many states have already reacted to this increase by imposing tyrannical restrictions on their citizens. New York, New Jersey, California, Illinois, Colorado, and several other states have already enacted a new round of draconian restrictions on business and society.

The usual suspects on television, in public health departments, and political outfits are weaponizing this so-called surge to once again demand overwhelming restrictions across America to “save hospital capacity” and “keep the system afloat.” If it sounds familiar, that’s because we’ve seen this movie before, and where it ends up. Remember “flatten the curve?” That idea is once again back in the public health discussion. Simply put, we are entering season two of the hit drama series known as COVID-19.

Short of any new or functional ideas, the panic brigade is dusting off their original pandemic hysteria and panic playbook as if we hadn’t already tried these measures. We have come all the way around to back to the original goal of the 15 days to slow/stop the spread campaign, which was overtly purposed with protecting the healthcare system. For an idea of what’s going on throughout social media and television, see this panicked tweet from Dr. Scott Gottlieb, the COVID-19 hustler:

Remember, back in March we did not have the knowledge about COVID-19 that we possess today, and back then, there were somewhat legitimate fears of system overload. However, we now know that even the “15 days to slow the spread” lockdowns were not at all necessary to save capacity, because the virus is not nearly as harmful as advertised, and the vast majority of people who acquire COVID-19 either don’t know they have it or have incredibly mild symptoms. The most recent data on COVID-19 suggests that the recovery rate for the disease is closing in on 99.9%.

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