Yaroslav Tkachev, PhD. On The Existence Of The Virus And The Irrelevant Test

The requested information was whether the infectious agent allegedly causing “COVID-19” was properly isolated. The reply was clear “no such information”, with infusion of some seemingly (to someone who composed the reply) relevant excuses why this is actually unnecessary.

This statement totally contradicts not only the common sense, but also basic scientific logical principles of reasoning, and is aimed to change the perception of basic definitions in medicine in favor of certain policy decisions.

There is an established set of conditions to be held in order to prove certain biological agent being a primary cause of a disease (medical condition), known as the Koch’s triad.

In the response, there is a claim that it is not relevant anymore, being overruled by molecular biology methods. I have to be straight, this is a perfect nonsense.

For clarity, here are the conditions:

(1) Agent must be found in abundance in diseased organisms, but not in healthy ones

(2) Agent must be purified and maintained in pure culture

(3) Cultured agent from p.2 has to cause disease when introduced into healthy organism

(4) Pp. 1 and 2 have to be satis ed for agent found in infected organism from (3), and the agent must be shown to be identical to one in pp.1,2.

Download the full PDF 

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