A parliamentary advisor to the German Bundestag letter to the public.

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Warning to the population

Anonymous, September 2020

Parliamentary advisor to the German Bundestag

Dear fellow citizens,

I am addressing you as a member of the German Bundestag in the role of parliamentary advisor. Through my work in Parliament, I am aware that important information in connection with the corona crisis is being withheld from people in our country, although this is of crucial importance for assessing the situation. Due to the enormous scope of recent events, I see it as my duty to my fellow citizens to discuss these things publicly.

Presumably, many will put this text aside after just a few lines because they cannot imagine deliberately deceiving the population. I understand that, because I would have earlier dismissed such an idea as a “conspiracy theory”. But in the meantime, not least through my experiences in the Bundestag, I have had to recognize which methods are being used by governments, media and influential actors in the private sector around the world to the detriment of all of us and that unfortunately the population is too often too uncritical about this. Nevertheless, I hope that one or the other will at least check my hints.

Due to the worrying fact that critical voices in Germany are meanwhile defamed, attacked and literally destroyed in their existence, I am forced to publish this letter anonymously. For the same reason, I cannot state my group membership. This doesn’t matter anyway, because we urgently need to learn again in Germany to listen to and respect each other “across camps”. If we don’t soon find our way back to such a togetherness, our society will finally split up into hostile groups. Unfortunately, dealing with Corona has already contributed to deepening the social divides. In this respect, it is expedient for my concern to leave the information given by my group open.

All you, dear readers, should know about me: I am writing this report with sincere concern for the security, freedom and prosperity of all of us. These supporting pillars of our democracy are in acute danger, because the corona crisis is being instrumentalized from various sides and our justified concerns about the corona virus are being misused and exploited for foreign goals.

At this point I have to emphasize that I do not want to play down the health risks associated with the virus. Corona can be a serious danger, especially for the elderly and those with previous illnesses, this fact is undisputed. At the same time, however, I have to state that various actors with distorted reporting and horror images taken out of context are systematically spreading fear in the population and thus painting a picture of the pandemic that does not correspond to reality. The aim of these forces from politics, the global economy and the media is to divert attention from far-reaching political and economic changes that are taking place in the background of the crisis and for which Corona is coming “just as requested”.

Furthermore, in their fear of the virus, people should accept measures and permanent restrictions that are in no way justified in view of the situation and that go against the interests of the population. Much of this can be traced back to publicly available sources, but the actual goals of the measures are concealed from the public. I would like to inform you about this background with my report and I cordially invite you to review my remarks before this possibility is permanently denied you by broad censorship.


The World Economic Forum WEF(a2) as the mouthpiece of the most influential international corporations and big banks, instrumentalizes the crisis in order to implement a long-prepared agenda to reorganize the entire world economy (1). This “Great Reset” is being sold to us as a change in globalization towards a sustainable economy, but this is a deception. In fact, the actors of the WEF want to achieve the greatest possible centralization of political power in supranational institutions such as the UN, EU and the IMF, as well as to create completely new, supranational organs. Through these organizations, they want to permanently undermine the democratic control of the world economy and politics by elected parliaments,

In addition, one wants to displace the middle class once and for all and take over the freed up market shares as part of the “fourth industrial revolution”. For all of these goals, Corona and the associated global economic crisis come at the right time. The forces behind the WEF are therefore using their political influence to artificially prolong the crisis and to push ahead with the restructuring of the world economy according to their own agenda. So that the population and especially the middle class do not rebel against this dangerous development, the plan is wrapped in the heartwarming story of an anti-capitalist, humane restart of globalization and the desired shift in power is hidden behind sympathetic phrases like “global governance”.

But how credible is it when the very forces that have been making huge sums of money for decades through unprecedented overexploitation of nature suddenly appear in a green guise? The fact that even the highest-ranking representatives of the United Nations are promoting this global campaign by the corporate banking sector suggests, incidentally, an abuse of the UN for private business interests (2).

If enough people do not recognize the dangers of a further concentration of power in the hands of a few in time and defend themselves against it, then we will soon find ourselves in a world in which our democratically legitimized governments have practically no decision-making power. This has long been the case in financial policy, which is why the redistribution from the hard-working to the rich is increasing unchecked. The highest representatives of the Bundestag have now announced that they will follow the plans of the corporations to further centralize political power. So they want to transfer the economic policy of all EU member states to the European Union “because of Corona”, as Bundestag President Schäuble recently announced.

However, one should have no illusions about who would actually benefit from an increase in power in Brussels: An economic policy at EU level the interests of transnational corporations like Amazon, BlackRock, Goldman Sachs et cetera would only use an unprecedented wave of privatization and deregulation would result. This orientation of the EU can already be seen, for example, in the facto tax exemption of digital companies and the privileging of the financial sector. Parallel to the shift in power to Brussels, the European governments are taking Corona measures to ensure that large parts of the SME sector can be bought up by corporations and financial investors as a result of the crisis. This approach corresponds to the agenda of the “Great Reset”. I therefore appeal in particular to all small and medium-sized entrepreneurs to defend themselves against these efforts.


Digital corporations and governmentsworldwide are instrumentalizing the fear of the virus in order to achieve social acceptance for comprehensive digital surveillance and control systems. These systems, which include contact tracking, digital identities, biometric face recognition and digital proof of immunity, are suitable for enabling totalitarian control of the entire population. In China, the full range of these inhumane technologies is already in use, resulting in even the simplest rights of citizens being restricted by AI-powered systems. A combination of a “Corona app” and a preliminary stage of digital proof of immunity is used there to completely automatically withdraw basic rights such as freedom of movement and assembly and to monitor compliance with the measures (3).

The 5G cellular standard enables this form of mass surveillance of every citizen in real time. In China, digital technology decides who is still allowed to leave their homes. Such a society can only be described as technocratic tyranny. Unfortunately, our federal government is also pursuing similar plans: with the so-called “vaccination or immunity documentation”, it wanted to grant people in our country their basic rights only if they can prove immunity, for example by means of vaccination (4) .

These intentions do not differ from those of the Chinese dictatorship and it is only thanks to public protest in Germany that the government has not yet passed its draft law in the original version. However, comparable systems have been working on at EU level for a long time, so the danger has not yet been averted (p3). With the “Covid-19-Health-Passport”, the World Economic Forum is already promoting a very similar technology with which access to public life is also to be made dependent on the use of digital control mechanisms. It can therefore be assumed that digital proof of immunity will be presented to us in the coming months by the media, government and representatives of digital corporations as a basic requirement for a return to normalcy.

In view of the coronavirus situation, I consider such massive coercive measures to be disproportionate and I therefore join Edward Snowden, who warned against a worldwide architecture of suppression using digital technology that will outlast the crisis (5). If we allow digital systems to determine our freedom of movement and our access to public life, then we are simultaneously handing over control of our most elementary fundamental rights to the private operators of the digital infrastructure.

One look at China is enough to recognize the real dangers of such a technocratic form of society. Nobody should have to live in such a world, but we are all increasingly being pushed in this direction as a result of being too careless about what is technically feasible. This also applies to Europe, even if it may be difficult to imagine at first. The fact that the 5G network, in contrast to the previously private mobile communications infrastructure in Germany, is being built with a lot of taxpayers money, suggests in this context that this technology will primarily be used for state mass surveillance in our country (6).

It is a perfidious approach of the federal government that it now wants to implement these plans, which have been developed for many years, as part of a “Corona economic stimulus package”. In addition to the aspect of monitoring, it should not go unmentioned here that the digital corporations have long since extended their business model to the education sector as part of the digitization of schools and Corona provides a welcome excuse for this. I appeal to all parents and teachers not to uncritically follow these endeavors. The possibilities for targeted influencing of children using digital technology were developed with enormous effort and represent a threat to the child’s well-being and individual freedom.

The introduction of digital identities was also sought before the corona crisis and was promoted by influential actors: The Rockefeller Foundation and Microsoft have been pursuing a project for digital, biometric recording of the world’s population with “ID2020” for several years, with digital proof of immunity also being a possible application for this totalitarian system can be described (7). A global vaccination campaign against Corona could soon serve as an excuse to roll out this control system that has been in preparation for years. If you also look at other projects of the digital corporations, you get the feeling that we humans are more of a commodity or an economically usable raw material for these companies and that they are less concerned with our security.

For example, Microsoft has patented a system in which human bodies equipped with sensors are used to mine cryptocurrencies (8). The Facebook project on brain-computer interfaces (BCI) published in 2017 seems even more surreal from this point of view. Tesla boss Elon Musk has already developed a robot with which microelectronic chips can be planted fully automatically in human brains (9). The developers no longer deny that this is not primarily about medical applications.

I believe that we must immediately call for a broad debate on the ethical aspects of such technologies. Similar to genetic cloning, we should also ask ourselves the question of whether we really want to exhaust all technical possibilities or whether this form of transhumanism does not lead to dangerous dehumanization with microchips in the brain. Is it really still “normal” when wealthy people announce today that they want to integrate people into digital networks by means of an implanted chip (p4,10)?

Why does Microsoft want to capture the biometric characteristics of the entire world population? And should we actually allow companies with such intentions to set up a global surveillance architecture “because of Corona” and thus gain access to all areas of our life? Influential actors are already openly demanding permanent total surveillance of the entire population – of course “only” because of the coronavirus (11). All of these issues should not be neglected when considering the aspirations of certain philanthropists in this crisis. In any case, we should become more critical of investors who buy our approval with strategic philanthropy and who, despite (or because of?) Their supposedly selfless donations, are becoming increasingly wealthy and influential.


The financial sector and in particular the major international banks are instrumentalizing the crisis in order to create new dependencies by granting enormous amounts of credit to states and companies and thus to expand their political influence. This is done either directly through the banks or indirectly through organizations such as the International Monetary Fund IMF. The acute need for capital as a result of the crisis makes the states open to blackmail for private donors. Because of this balance of power, any democratic control becomes impossible and the private banking sector becomes a political actor.

This approach is particularly fraudulent because the billions in loans are by no means used to support the population or the real economy, but rather, as in the 2008 financial crisis, mainly flow to the creditors of the member states. So politics does not save our economy with the borrowed money, but saves the financial sector from losses as a result of the crisis. At the same time, bank loans allow political influence. Because of these mechanisms, they have a strong interest in ensuring that the economic crisis as a result of the Corona measures is as devastating as possible. They therefore use the media channels open to them to spread fear and worsen the economic situation.

The financial sector is already exerting great influence in foreign policy and in the global response to the corona pandemic, as the recent events in Belarus show, among other things: The IMF, as the long arm of the banking sector, offered the economically ailing state aid loans in the amount of money in June 2020 of 940 million US dollars and, in return, demanded that the small country also have to carry out corona measures such as lockdown, mask requirements and quarantine (12). The background to these demands was that Belarus disrupted the desired narrative of the deadly pandemic through its sober handling of the coronavirus. If you look at the long list of countries that received IMF loans as part of the corona crisis, a similar approach by the Monetary Fund appears conceivable in these countries (13).

With this approach, the financial sector, with the support of the media, and in this case the EU, tries to ensure that no state opposes the agenda or its own goals. The fact that the OSCE refused Belarus’ invitation to observe the elections on the spot with poor reasoning shows that the EU is not really interested in the conduct of the possibly rigged elections in the sanctions that are now being prepared (14).

In addition to the political aspects, the financial sector is abusing the crisis in order to push ahead with the long-awaited global abolition of cash. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of the effects the switch to digital currencies would have and the enormous potential for abuse associated with it. At this point, I encourage everyone to deal with the actual consequences of a cashless society and, in particular, to internalize the power that the operators of a global, digital payment infrastructure could exercise over the entire population.

Influential forces who had been lobbying intensively for global cash abolition before the Corona virus are now exploiting the crisis for their own purposes. That this also applies to Microsoft founder Bill Gates is only mentioned in passing at this point (15). In view of the enormous economic potential in this sector, it is in any case unlikely that these actors are ultimately concerned with anything other than money and political influence, even if they hide this behind high-profile “philanthropy”. So if we are told that we have to forego cash because of Corona, then we shouldn’t ignore the strong economic interests behind it.

All in all, based on my observations in the Bundestag, I come to the conclusion that the financial sector influences politics with an astonishingly natural degree and can now even position its own staff in the highest political offices without there being any public protest. If Goldman Sachs managers or IMF chairmen can become president of the European Central Bank, the EU has obviously lost all proximity to the needs and interests of the people. And if BlackRock representatives in Germany are seriously traded as candidates for chancellor, then we are apparently insufficiently informed about the intentions and methods of the financial sector and are accordingly uncritical.

But we should be if on the one hand the number of billionaires is steadily increasing and at the same time more and more people are living in abject poverty. This development is no coincidence, but the result of decades of policy in favor of the richest 0.01 percent. The corona crisis will further accelerate all of this if we do not defend ourselves against it and form a broad protest against these processes.

Part 2 of the letter will follow shortly.

Please, dear readers, be very attentive.

(a1) Among other things, photos of ID cards were added to the letter, which want to prove access to non-public sessions of the Bundestag.

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