Are our children paying the price for social changes?

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By Anonymous African

I just can’t sleep anymore, it’s been months since I’ve been able to sleep and I’m sure I’m not alone. I am sure there are many more like me that toss and turn thinking about all sorts of things. I am at the stage that iam quite used to it and do enjoy peace and quiet and knowing that my family are sleeping well. I seem to be one of the lucky few that are able to deal with it quite well, although it is quite challenging when you have young children. I often think about what the world will be like 5 to 10 years and further down the line and what kind of world will my children live in. When I started doing my research in early April there were many a late night and even a few all nighters. I will admit those were really tough and clearly I can’t handle it like I did in my youth. I wonder if my children will have those opportunities to have fun like I did. It seems that most of the fun has been taken from the world, no longer can you go places with your children to interact and have fun while enjoying the social aspects of society. I think of all the children and what impact this will have on there development, how will social distancing effect the youth of today? What impact will the masks have on them?

From my studies into the new normal seems to be a clear picture that is forming. We seem to be teaching our children to be afraid of each other and human interaction, is this by design? When you start looking into the behavioral insights team or behavioral change committee as they bluntly call it, you can see where exactly government policy is coming from. Have you ever asked yourself “what the hell has psychological behavior got to do with the virus?”.Throughout history we have never experienced anything like this before, we have never had to change psychological behavior in any pandemic or epidemic in the past. This virus is no way near compairable to Spanish flu, it has a 99% survival rate and a 94% survival rate for over 70 years and older. Statistics from both the United States and Italy report and 96% of all deaths had one or more outline comorbiditys. We will not go into all the questionable deaths that have been labeled COVID-19 when they were not. We keep things simple and just consider these two basic statistics then one has to give deeper thought and understanding why there is a behavioral and psychological aspect involved with governments.

Most people do not like to consider the fact that they are being manipulated. This process has started out slow and will only increase over time, I see it happening every day by observing people as they enter businesses. Some people will not even walk into a shop without looking for a sanitizing station and double checking their masks are on. This reminds me about how long term prisoners are institutionalized, many of them once released into society can no longer use the toilet without asking for permission. I often wonder how many people are like me that see all the people wearing masks and how abnormal it still feels. I still feel like I’m surrounded by criminals and they about to rob the closest bank. When you play the game of peekaboo with a child there is a moment when the child does not show emotions until your face is revealed, then the joy of that interaction of seeing your face is fully expressed by the child. How is the mask wearing affecting children on a subconscious level? Will this push our children further away from social interaction to social platforms to express those needs, which we can already see have been creating problems for our youth. A child’s mind is like clay, soft and moldable and will easily conform to social habits. The true question we should ask ourselves what are we doing as parents to help shape our children’s minds sets in this crazy world we live in, where everything seems to be against our well being and natural living but more to conformity and compliance of rules and regulations that go against science and just common sense.

I find it extremely disturbing that our children are not able to interact with the older generation currently in care homes. It is a special bond that benefits both parties whereby our older generation passes on knowledge, good social behavior, encouragement and history lessons from first-hand experience. Our children with there youthful exuberance uplift older generations and give them happiness, peace and enjoyment that settles their soul. This bond should have never been broken but it has in 2020 and I do not think that is is random but by design. It seems to be part of a cancel culture that is extending its tentacles in society, the destruction of our history is underway. Have we considered asking our older generation in the care homes whether they would prefer to be alone locked up or to be with their families? With the known risk that they could contract this so called new virus, I suspect most would be willing to take that chance as I would.

Keep up the good fight and remember you are not alone.

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