South African government’s authoritarian shift to silent critical voices.

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By: The Anonymous African

Mkhize disbands Ministerial Advisory Committee on Covid-19 ‘out of the blue’.

Reading through this article it may seem like a slight change in government policy with an adjustment needed in line with the changing patten of the pandemic response.

However disbanding the ministerial advisory committee should make all citizens extremely concerned. When I first read the article a number of red flags popped up in my mind, notably the removal of critical voices amongst the committee. Currently there are very few critical voices that are being heard worldwide due to censorship. I have been watching the South African media since the beginning of the pandemic. So far there has been very little articles published from the thousands of experts worldwide that have been critical of government responses to the pandemic. Many of these are highly accredited in the respective fields.

What we are currently seeing is government making strategical maneuvers to align with WHO policy where no person can criticize or question their policies. With this maneuver we will see a more authoritarian, top down leadership structure that will be enforced by law in all forms of society. The disaster management act will stay in place into 2021, now that the technocrats are able to run a country through the act where they are not held accountable and can violate our Constitution. If you have never had chance to read the South African Constitution I suggest you do it now. You will be quite shocked to see the number of violations that the South African government has done to its citizens. Another good read is Amnesty International report on torture (See BIDERMAN’s CHART OF COERCION page 53)

We are currently witnessing that in Australia, especially Victoria and it has just started manifesting itself in Israel, England with Wales, Scotland and Ireland to follow. The positive side in me had hoped that by small chance my country South Africa would be different and I would be proved wrong. As I’ve said for quite some time I expect a repeat of the lockdowns again in 2021. This will most likely happen on the same timeline as 2020, middle to late February the positive cases will return and by March lockdowns will be initiated but I could be out a month or two as it’s never easy to predict these things. This time however we can expect more pushback from the public, as many have lost their jobs and are financially ruined due to the deliberate collapse of the worldwide economy. Many businesses are trying their best to push through utilizing whatever savings they have, some are deep into the overdraft and many have secured loans from various financial institutions. Many of these businesses will not make it by design. Most businesses that have a social element where people gather will close as it will not be acceptable and is not part of the plan. The TERS-funding will continue as it’s part of the “universal income” test program, the amount will most likely be less.

This time people will be far more desperate and thus the greater pushback, this will require government to enforce more law through the police force and most likely the Army. The public again will be manipulated to snitch on the neighbors for not complying to regulations. We will most likely see physical confrontation and abuse of powers by law enforces as we did earlier in the year. The purpose of this is to crush any condescending voices and resistance as we move from a sovereign country into a worldwide dictatorship.

This is why government is now clearing out any contradicting voices that do not align with the orders. This has never been about health and common sense alone will tell you that, if you spend the time researching all information on SARS COV-2, social distancing, masks and all the contradictory rules, you will come to the conclusion that this is all about control. If you look at the common denominator of all of these things, you will find that the purpose of this is to separate society in every way.

If you spend time reading up all documentation as well as videos on those who are involved with agenda 30, climate change and the great reset, you will see how the world is being changed to fall in line with these agendas. This has been a slow process over many years with 2020 being the year that they have kicked up a gear. We have some very difficult years ahead of us and I suggest everyone starts preparing for it.

It is very important for every person to educate themselves on what is really happening around the world and where this leads too. We have to stand up together for the sake of our children, families and country, If we dont stand together in unity we will lose our freedom and far more. What will we tell our children years from now if they live under fascist rule, would you be able to say that I fought against this or would you bow your head in shame knowing that you did not. All we have to do is to not comply in large numbers and this will be all over and we can return back to normal.

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